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[[Category:Twilight Syndrome: Investigation characters]]
[[Category:Twilight Syndrome: Investigation characters]]
[[Category:Moonlight Syndrome characters]]
[[Category:Moonlight Syndrome characters]]

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Chisato Itsushima
Picture of character
Other names Hanako-san
Age 17 (TS)
18 (MS)
Nationality Japanese
Family Yayoi Itsushima (alleged sister)
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
First appearance The Original Rumor

Chisato Itsushima is a main character inTwilight Syndrome: Search, Twilight Syndrome: Investigation and a supporting character in Moonlight Syndrome.

Appearance and Personality[edit]


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Twilight Syndrome: Search[edit]

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Twilight Syndrome Investigation[edit]


Moonlight Syndrome[edit]

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