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Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Status Deceased
First appearance Moonlight Syndrome

Mithra is a character who appears in Moonlight Syndrome. They are the main antagonist of the story.

Appearance and Personality

Mithra's physical appearance is that of a young white-haired boy, with a carefree and mischevious voice belying their true personality. Mithra is shown to be incredibly manipulative and cruel, often demonstrating their ability to seemingly alter reality by playing 'tricks' on people in order to further their oft-unknown goals or to make others more receptive of their suggestions.
Mithra shows numerous ways that they are able to alter reality to their own will. This is both used either to assist themself by using teleportation or violent attacks, or to directly manipulative others by changing their perception of locations, time and events.


Nothing is known of Mithra's true origins. At some point in time they took an interest in Hinashiro, becoming involved in forging 'contracts' with numerous residents.


After trapping the main cast in the school, Mithra first kills Alisa, then confronts Yukari and Chisato. Chisato attempts to attack Mithra, however Mithra immediately shows regenerative abilities and kills her. Mithra then proceeds to kill Yukari as she tries to escape from the school.
Mithra is later confronted by Ryo, who Mithra goads into killing them with a katana. Mithra mocks Ryo as he continuosly attacks them, becoming more and more unstable until their phsyical form becomes distorted upon Ryo's final hit. After, they are shown lying on the roof of the school with the katana impaled through their chest. Yayoi is shown approaching their corpse and apologising.


  • Whilst Mithra's physical form often talks with the voice of a young boy, they have shown the ability to alter their voice at will, as well as 'project' it throughout large areas.
  • A character resembling Mithra's physical form appears in a cutscene in Killer7.