Mokutaro Shiroyabu

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Mokutaro Shiroyabu
Other names Mokutaro Shimohira, Jaburo, Jabroni
Nationality Japanese
Family Format Kamui (father)
"Mother" (suggested to be adoptive)
Occupation Detective
Affiliation 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit
Weapon Gun
Status Alive
First appearance #01 new world order
case#25:whiteout prologue (retroactively)

Mokutaro Shiroyabu is a detective of the 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit and one of the central characters of the Correctness storypoint of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. He also appears in case#25:whiteout prologue of the 2017 edition of The Silver Case.


Shiroyabu is a reckless and overconfident cop. As a Central Police Department officer, he shows enthusiasm to the concept of dying in the line of duty, tries to shoot Akira based on presumption and shows fanboyism towards Tetsugoro Kusabi. As an HC Unit detective, he is considerably more competent; however, he is still prone to recklessness and is frequently berated by his partner, Shinko Kuroyanagi. When left on his own devices in #03 boys don't cry, he acts unnecessarily aggressive and violent towards both his enemies and civilians.

After death-filing and being "overpowered" by Kosuke Kurumizawa, Shiro mellows out considerably and begins carefully planning out his actions. He gains an existential awareness of Kamui Uehara and his own past selves. He is still dangerous, however, and has to be talked down from this state by Kuroyanagi.



Shiroyabu makes his first appearence chronologically in case#25 Whiteout Prolouge and it's completed counterpart #06 whiteout. In 2003 Shiroyabu is first seen being interviewed by an unknown party while wearing a Central Police Department uniform. He explains to the unknown party that he is concerned about taking care of his mother and siblings while simultaniously reveling in the idea of dying in the line of duty. Shiroyabu recieves orders to assassinate the final member of TRUMP: Joker. Later on he encounters Akira in the Shelter. The young officer confuses Akira for Joker, Akira cannot speak due to his muteness and Shiroyabu aims his gun. Before he can fire, Tetsugoro Kusabi makes his presence known by shooting Shiroyabu in the ear.

The 25th Ward

Shiroyabu appears in the Correctness chapter #01 new world order alongside his assigned partner, Sakaki. He's first seen inside one of the elevators of a seaside high-rise apartament, investigating one of the corpses found after a string of murders inside the building. Reaching the 75th floor, they rush to the scene of another murder inside one of the apartments, where they meet Shinko Kuroyanagi, fellow 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit detective. During the investigation, Sakaki is killed by a mailman's dart gun and the high-rise goes dark. He's then ordered by Kuroyanagi to go to the 80th floor to find Sakaki's killer, but while on the elevator, another delivery man manages to get inside the elevator, cornering Shiroyabu. After learning about the Postal Service Federation and their "invisible" work in protecting the 25th Ward, Kuroyanagi manages to save Shiroyabu, shooting the PSF mailman in the head. The duo then is confronted by a huge group of postal workers. In the end, they emerge victorious. After chapter #03 boys don't cry, Shiroyabu confronts Kosuke Kurumizawa and transforms into Shiroyabu Calvo.

Travis Strikes Back


  • It can be assumed that Shiroyabu wears his hair long in order to hide his mutilated ear.
  • He has reckless spending habits, as stated in the digital artbook.


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