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The Seven Mysteries of Hinashiro High

The Seven Mysteries of Hinashiro High is the fifth chapter of Twilight Syndrome: Search. This chapter focuses on Mika Kishii, Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima investigating the 'seven mysteries' of their school: Hinashiro Highschool. This chapter is regarded as the most difficult in the game.


The chapter opens on a regular school day sometime after Rumor 3. Mika is in class discussing the seven mysteries with her skeptical classmates Kimika and Miho. The two express their skepticism and insinuate that Yukari finds her to be a nuisance, irritated Mika leaves to talk to Yukari. Yukari is taken aback by Mika's sudden politeness and assures Mika that she doesn't think she is a nuisance, this restores Mika's confidence. Mika expresses her desire to scold Kimika and Miho for spreading 'irresponsible rumors' which Yukari finds amusing. Mika brings up a rumor about Yukari's relationship with Kazuya Kitamura. Yukari is shocked and accuses Mika of starting the rumor but Mika claims she was the one that stopped the rumor from spreading. Mika insists that Yukari would never date somebody as 'lame' as Kitamura but Yukari comes to his defense.


The seven mysteries are a popular urban legend in Japan, nearly every high school has their own version. This urban legend is so popular in fact that is has become a common trope in Japanese pop culture.