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* ''[[The Silver Case]]''
* ''[[The Silver Case]]''
** [[Placebo]]
** {{CL|1}}
** {{CL|2}}
** {{CL|5}}
* ''[[Flower, Sun, and Rain]]''
* ''[[Flower, Sun, and Rain]]''
** [[The Lospass]]
** [[Request 17: Kill the Past]]
* ''[[The 25th Ward: The Silver Case]]''
* ''[[The 25th Ward: The Silver Case]]''
** [[Placebo]]
* ''[[Placebo prequel]]
** {{MM|4}}

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Tokio Morishima
Other names TurtleGuy, TurtleDude, Taro Turtle, The Man With The Silver Eye
Age At least 33 (TSC)
Nationality Japanese
Family Uminosuke Hachisuka (grandfather)
Kaoru Hachisuka (father)
Chizuru Hachisuka (sister)
Unknown Ayame Stock (sister)
Misao Morishima (adoptive mother)
Red (pet)
Occupation Freelance journalist
Status Alive
First appearance case#1:decoyman

Tokio Morishima is the protagonist of the Placebo storyline in The Silver Case and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, as well as a minor but important character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a freelance investigative journalist initially tasked with investigating the infamous Kamui Uehara but soon finds himself immersed in the numerous conspiracies of Ward 24, Lospass Island and eventually Ward 25.

Appearance and Personality

Tokio is a rather odd man prone to bouts of complaining and laziness, but despite this, he is considered a quality journalist. He has an intense fixation with his pet turtle, Red, and is rather socially awkward, especially around women. His appearance in Transmitter shows him with spiky blonde hair, soft features wearing a leather jacket and cargo pants. This is inconsistent with his appearance in Placebo, which shows him with dark hair and sharper features, most likely as a byproduct of his skewed perspectives in Placebo's artwork - however, his appearance in Flower, Sun, and Rain seems to be consistent with his Transmitter design. In The 25th Ward, both his personality and appearance have changed considerably; he has grown a short stubble, wears a black muscle shirt and seems to have bulked up considerably, along with more sharper facial features. In addition, his personality is far more detached and sullen.

Tokio seems to think of himself as cool at first, but is often berated by other characters and has an unprofessional conduct with his client. At this time he also often acts out of self-interest, getting in touch with people for his own gain. As the series goes on, the experiences he goes through and his continually being used as a pawn by higher forces leave him progressively more and more depressed. However, he appears to have recovered somewhat by the time of *06 YUKI, in which he acts as a mentor figure to Yuki Shimohira.

Tokio apparently feels compulsed to keep a diary of some sort at all times. At first it was the Morishima Memo, a text diary on his computer. During his stay on Lospass Island, he keeps another journal, one entry of which is published in The Lospass. In The 25th Ward, he posts on an online blog, but this is later taken over by Meru Yuzuki.

Tokio is subscribed to a few mailing services: Today's WORD, Weekly Lovers, and DNNET.



Tokio is one of Kaoru Hachisuka's children and one of the first batch of Shelter Kids. Near the end of the procedures, he had an emotional outburst that caused the administration to wipe his memories and return him to normal society, where he was adopted by the Morishima family. Here, he grew up and began working as a police journalist for a magazine before later quitting and going freelance. According to his business card, he used to live and work in the real-life ward of Suginami before returning to Ward 24.
Tokio's business card.

The Silver Case

Tokio receives an order from S. Inohana to report on Kamui Uehara. Over the course of 1999, Tokio tries to find information about Kamui as well as following the investigations of the Heinous Crimes Unit. He is assisted by his ex-girlfriend Erika Yukawa as well as other contacts on the internet. He soon encounters Akira at the Babylon Shopping Center in the middle of a traumatic experience, and associates him with that experience from then on. During the course of investigations, Tokio is threatened and spied on by the Bat. After just barely escaping the Bat with his life, Tokio flees his home, leaving Red in Erika's care. His actions during this time are unclear, but he runs into the HC Unit during their mission to execute Kamui. He also comes into possession of Kiyoshi Morikawa's notebook, and learns about the shelters. Tokio returns to his home near the end of 1999, now contending with numerous "lingering consciousnesses" in his head, which become magnified as a result of acquiring Uminosuke Hachisuka's silver eye. He tells Erika to continue taking care of Red as he will be heading away from the city for a while longer.

Flower, Sun and Rain

Tokio during his stay on Lospass Island

Following the events of The Silver Case, Tokio researches the creation of the silver eyes and discovers their origin. He heads to Lospass Island, arriving on May 2nd, 2001. Later, he meets Sumio Mondo on a boat connected to the caverns on Eleki Island. He explains what he discovered about the hyenas and the silver eye production, and also claims to be accidentally responsible for the problems with time. Tokio seems to be taking care of one of the hyenas at this time, which ends up being used by Elbow for mysterious purposes later on.

IMM Hospital

The 25th Ward


100% vape shaman.

Official profiles

Former journalist with a passion for investigating occurrences in the 25th Ward.
Previously a resident of the 24 Wards, he lost his memory - and by extension, his own understanding of himself - due to events originating within the Kamui case. (25th Ward site description)
Former 24th Ward resident and writer, left the 24th Ward after being deeply involved in the Kamui case in the previous title. Currently living on a boat provided by an unknown person, investigates various incidents in the 25th Ward without ever been clear on both his employer and his own past. (#25 art book description)


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The Silver Case

Case #4.5: Face

Flower, Sun, and Rain

The 25th Ward

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