Travis Touchdown

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Travis Touchdown
Other names Mr. TD
Crownless King
Age 27 (NMH)
30 (NMH2)
37 (TSA)
39 (NMH3)
Nationality American
Family Jeane (half-sister)
Jeane (pet)
Henry Cooldown (brother)
Jeane (daughter)
Hunter (son)
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation United Assassin Association (formerly)
Weapon Beam katana
Status Alive
First appearance No More Heroes
Played by Robin Atkin Downes

Travis Touchdown is the protagonist of the No More Heroes series. He is a consumer of various nerd and otaku subcultures as well as an amateur assassin.

Appearance and Personality

Travis Touchdown is an American man of average height and build. He has black hair, which he spikes up, and blue eyes. He typically wears sunglasses, a red leather jacket, a graphic t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. In Travis Strikes Again, Travis switches to a purple jacket. Travis clips his beam katanas to his belt when not in use.

Travis Touchdown is a crude, unapologetic otaku with a bloodthirsty streak. Though he initially becomes an assassin for quick cash, he very soon becomes accustomed to killing, even glorifying in it. He is initially selfish and short-sighted; he cares very little for the consequences of his career as an assassin, focusing only on revenge, the satisfaction he gets through violence, and the chance to be number one. Travis also has the tendency to be gullible and easily influenced by sex or his own impulses. Past the facade, however, Travis is a person who feels trapped by his own circumstances. True to the common theme of Kill the Past, Travis is always at odds with his past: throughout his appearances, he is made to choose between accepting the role the past has in his life, or continuing to either run from it or remain passively within the cycle of violence he has created for himself.

Additionally, Travis is not completely without remorse. Over time, he grows to resent the United Assassins Association for treating death as a tool, to the point that he seeks to collapse the entire system and leave his life as an assassin behind. Furthermore, he has his own code of honor. Travis views all fights as a test of strength between two fighters, respecting his opponents and showing a distaste for needless killing. He often shows hesitance to kill younger opponents, and previously showed reluctance to kill women, though he has since grown to see them as equal opponents.

In spite of these faults, Travis is shown to be both a loyal friend and a man of his word. He is persistent and pursues all goals he sets for himself without fail, from becoming #1 in the UAA to collecting all the Death Balls in Travis Strikes Again. Finally, though he has few close allies, he cares for them genuinely and will stop at nothing to fight on their behalf.


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No More Heroes

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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Kurayami Dance

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case

Travis Strikes Again

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  • Travis is inspired by Jackass' Johnny Knoxville and UFC fighter Josh Barnett. Additionally, many parallels exist between Travis and the protagonist of Suda51's favorite film, Paris, Texas, who is also named Travis.
  • Travis' favorite porn is bukkake. Suda51 had previously stated that Travis lost his virginity to Sylvia Christel; however, he later contradicted this, saying that Travis lost his virginity to a friend's mom after getting fucked up at a party.
    • This is, bizarrely, supported by a photograph Travis owns in No More Heroes 2 of a woman under which is written "Billy's Mom". Any further information on Billy or his mother is currently unknown.
  • Travis keeps a photograph of Jeane beside his answering machine through No More Heroes. In No More Heroes 2, the photo remains, but Jeane's face is scribbled out with pen.
  • Travis is said to have trained in the Hart Dungeon, which was a real pro-wrestling school located in Calgary, Alberta.



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