Coyote Smith

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Coyote Smith
Other names The Thief
Age 28
Nationality South American
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Smith Syndicate
Weapon Modified Enfield revolver "FREAK SCENE"
Status Immortal
First appearance Target00: Angel
Played by Benito Martinez

Coyote Smith is one of the main characters of killer7. He is a member of the Smith Syndicate and a playable character alongside the other members. He is known as "The Thief", and excels at picking locks and jumping to high ledges.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Coyote is a tall man with an athletic build originating from South America. He sports a pompadour haircut and changes over-shirts frequently throughout the course of the game.

Iwazaru describes Coyote as a "ruthless villain". He appears as cold-blooded and doesn't seem to hesitate to strike in the face of danger. He exclaims "You're fucked!" when hitting the weak point of a Heaven Smile. He also holds his revolver in an unconventional, upside-down way.



Official profiles[edit]

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  • Suda51 considers Coyote Smith to be his favorite character in Killer7
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