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Name of character
Picture of character
Other names Nicknames, aliases, etc.
Age Age (if appearing in multiple works, include separate lines like so)
23 (Game 1)
25 (Game 2)
Nationality Countries of residence and/or origin
Family Links to any family members
Occupation Character's job
Affiliation Organizations character is affiliated with
Weapon Name or model of weapon used
Status Status as of most recent release (alive, dead, Remnant Psyche, digital, etc.)
First appearance First chapter (or game) appeared in
Played by Actor or voice actor if applicable

Character name is a character in/who appears in work they appear in. They are a (brief description of role and occupation, and any other very noteworthy information).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Describe the character's appearance and personality here. Also describe what relationships they have with other characters, what attitudes they take towards things, etc. etc.


Describe the plot of the character thus far, chronologically. References to "in [game title]" or "in [in-universe year]" are both fine, just keep it chronological.

Section 1[edit]

If the character has a long history (over multiple games, or if their backstory is significantly long), consider breaking the history up into sections.

Official profiles[edit]

Profiles from websites, books, in-game profiles, etc. can be put in boxes like this one.


  • Anything interesting about the character that doesn't fit in the other sections.


A collection of official pictures focusing on the character, including concept art and in-game images. Accompany them with a brief description. Portraits go first.