Mika Kishii

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Mika Kishii
Other names 岸井ミカ
Age 16 (Twilight Syndrome)
17 (Moonlight Syndrome)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
First appearance Twilight Syndrome

Mika Kishii is a character and main protagonist from Twilight Syndrome: Search, Twilight Syndrome: Investigation and Moonlight Syndrome. She is a high school student with a keen interest in the paranormal.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mika is a generally up-beat high school student who is quick to drag along her friends into investigating any unusual or paranormal activity. She is usually seen in her school's uniform, often wearing her yellow backpack.


In all three of her main appearances, Mika attends Hinashiro High with her close friends Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima.

Twilight Syndrome: Search[edit]

Twilight Syndrome: Investigaiton[edit]

Moonlight Syndrome[edit]

Mika Kishii is one of the two protagonists in Moonlight Syndrome, along with Ryo Kazan. Now in her second year at Hinashiro High, Mika is unknowingly pulled into the events of the story when Kyoko Kazan is killed in a vehicular accident.