Mika Kishii

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Mika Kishii
Other names 岸井ミカ
Age 16 (Twilight Syndrome)
17 (Moonlight Syndrome)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
First appearance Rumor 0

Mika Kishii is a character and main protagonist from Twilight Syndrome: Search, Twilight Syndrome: Investigation and the central protagonist ofMoonlight Syndrome. She is a high school student with a keen interest in the paranormal.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mika is a generally up-beat high school student who is quick to drag along her friends into investigating any unusual or paranormal activity. She is usually seen in her school's uniform, often wearing her yellow backpack. In Twilight Syndrome Mika is easily the most enthusiastic when it comes to investigating rumors and seems to believe in them wholeheartedly. Mika is known for her sharp tongue and relatively bratty behavior which frequently pits her at odds with the more level headed Yukari Hasegawa. However when she seems to have completely lost interest in these rumors the following year as shown in Moonlight Syndrome.


In all three of her main appearances, Mika attends Hinashiro High with her close friends Yukari Hasegawa and Chisato Itsushima.

Twilight Syndrome: Search[edit]

Mika first appears chronologically as a first year student talking to her classmate Himika after class at Hinashiro High School. Himika shows Mika a spirit photo and she convinces Himika to let her have it. Mika then excitedly shows it to acquaintance and upperclassman Yukari Hasegawa. Yukari is not interested and declares it's a fake. She calls over her childhood friend Chisato Itsushima who has a sensitivity to paranormal phenomena. Chisato verifies it's authenticity, Mika convinces the three of them to head to Park I (where the spirit photo was taken) to Investigate. During the investigation Mika showed her knack for picking up various rumors. She takes a couple pictures with Chisato and Yukari one of which was taken at the top of the hill near the Torii gate. This photo when developed becomes a gruesome distorted spirit photo. The next day Mika excitedly shows this photo to Chisato. Chisato urges Mika to destroy it but Mika stubbornly refuses. Chisato however takes it from her and destroys it. After returning to the Park with the following night, Mika and her friends discover the true source of the spirit photos was the removal of a shrine to make a parking lot.

Soon afterwords a fellow student at Hinashiro High Mayumi Fujita, The Second Rumor: The Music Room's MF|commits suicide.]] Mika and her friends investigate a rumor that Mayumi Fujita's spirit haunts the Music Room. Mika remains unsympathetic towards Fujita causing her to fight with Yukari the whole night. The girls successfully contact Fujita's spirit by calling for her over the PA system in the broadcasting room (as her lover Mr. Okuno usually did. Mika's body is momentarily possessed by Fujita and loses consciousness. She wakes up in time to notify her friends that Mr. Okuno had arrived at the school. She accompanies her friends when they confront him.

A few weeks go by and one night Mika receives a surprising call from Yukari asking to hang out. Chisato comes along as well and the three girls meet at a small restaurant, there Mika tells them about the rumors surrounding Murayamadai Station. With nothing else to do the three girls decide to take spirit photos at the station. The trio trespass their way into the station after the last train while Mika describes the rumors in gruesome detail. When confronted about the nonchalant way she describes these horrific events she merely says that they don't feel real to her because of her personal disconnection from the events. While exploring the girls document and witness numerous examples of paranormal activity. Mika is knocked onto the tracks by an unseen force and accuses Chisato of pushing her causing another fight with Yukari. Yukari storms off and takes Chisato with her leaving Mika alone to be harassed by a ghost over a payphone. Feeling sympathy for Mika, Chisato brings Yukari back and forces them to make up. They encounter more paranormal events and Mika attempts to board a ghostly train only stopped by the intervention of her friends. The following day Mika is elated that the spirit photographs she took are in fact legitimate.

Twilight Syndrome: Investigaiton[edit]

Moonlight Syndrome[edit]

Mika Kishii is one of the two protagonists in Moonlight Syndrome, along with Ryo Kazan. Now in her second year at Hinashiro High, Mika is unknowingly pulled into the events of the story when Kyoko Kazan is killed in a vehicular accident.