Shinkai Tsuki

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Shinkai Tsuki
Other names Tsuki-san (by Osato)
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation Regional Adjustment Bureau (formerly)
Okiai Syndicate (formerly)
Weapon Knife
Status Alive
First appearance "01 underground theater

Shinkai Tsuki is, along with Yotaro Osato, one of the main characters of the Matchmaker storypoint of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

During the events of Matchmaker, Tsuki appears as a somewhat middle-aged man with short dark hair and a stubble. In general, Tsuki is serious and collected, although he can be aggressive and foulmouthed depending on the circumstances. Underneath his tough exterior, however, he can be considered as somewhat kind and considerate. In the beginning of "01 underground theater, he appears to also be somewhat eccentric, as he says the order Osato ate his lunch in "made [him] feel a bit uneasy". Tsuki may also be a sweet-tooth, as during "04 the lunar orbit, Ishiki advises him to stop eating Mont Blanc all the time.

As seen in a flashback to his days as a lieutenant of the Okiai syndicate, Tsuki appears considerably younger compared to his appearance in the rest of Matchmaker; his cheeks and eyebags are less pronounced, his hair is slicked back and more well-kept, and he has no stubble. In addition to this visual change, Tsuki seems to be more antsy and somewhat formal - though primarily around Ishiki in the first scene at the Okiai-gumi.


The 25th Ward[edit]

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Official profiles[edit]

Spends his days "adjusting" ward residents considered to be troublesome or bad influences.

Has a complicated past with ties to many organizations in the 24 Wards and 25th Ward alike, and bears a deep-seated hatred toward violent crimes and criminals. Specializes in carrying out "adjustments" using his trusty knife. (25th Ward site description)

Member of the Regional Adjustment Bureau. Involved with a slew of organizations throughout the 24th and 25th Wards in the past, while he shows strong contempt for the Heinous Crimes Unit, he is no match for his boss, R.A. Bureau Chief Kiryu. Especially proficient with a knife when it comes to adjustment. Also has an accute interest in occult matters such as fortune-telling and UMA. (#25 artbook description)


  • According to the digital artbook in the Steam release of the game, along with a few instances in-game, Tsuki is interested in occult matters, such as fortune-telling and UMA.


The 25th Ward[edit]