Shinobu Jacobs

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Shinobu Jacobs
Nmh2 shinobu.jpg
Other names Scarlet Jacobs
Age 18 (NMH)
21 (NMH2)
28 (TSA)
Nationality American
Family Tim Jacobs (father)
Noboru Jacobs (grandfather)
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation United Assassin Association (formerly)
Weapon Katana
Status Alive
First appearance No More Heroes
Played by Kimberly Brooks

Scarlet Jacobs, better known by her assassin alias Shinobu, is a supporting character in No More Heroes series, playable in No More Heroes 2 and Travis Strikes Again. She is a talented young assassin who keeps her true profession hidden in her daily life.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

cute, better than you


No More Heroes[edit]

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle[edit]

Travis Strikes Again[edit]

Official profiles[edit]

Shinobu Ranked 8th by the UAA. 18 years old. A quiet high school student. Her real name Scarlet Jacobs. (No More Heroes: Trading Card No. 138 profile)


  • Shinobu decorates the scabbard of her katana with charms of Bizarre Jelly 5 characters.
  • Shinobu's Three Girl Rhumba's sword is named after the Wire song "Three Girl Rhumba".
  • In Travis Strikes Again, instead of misusing the word "moe", she and the students at her dojo misuse the word "ossu".