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Travis Strikes Back is a visual novel game mode embedded in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. A chapter of Travis Strikes Back must be read between playing Death Drive Mark II games, as it tells the story of how Travis Touchdown and Jeane acquire the Death Balls.


Travis Strikes Back is entirely text-based with no gameplay interaction other than pressing the button to proceed the text. It is rendered in black and green graphics based on old monochrome monitors. The layout of the screen consists of character portraits in the left and right windows, the location name in the top window, art of the current environment in the bottom window and text in a large middle window. Each chapter is about the journey to find a single particular Death Ball, and usually involves Travis coming into contact with somebody who has a connection to Dr. Juvenile. He also frequently runs into characters from previous games by Grasshopper Manufacture, with a particular focus on The 25th Ward: The Silver Case.


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