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The 26th Ward, or Ward 26, is a planned city mentioned in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. During the time of the game, it is temporarily known as merely the Kanto Suburbs.


Mokutaro Shiroyabu, Shinko Kuroyanagi and Uehara drive out to the Kanto Suburbs in #02 good looking guy while investigating the apparent death of Yasushi Kamijo. They arrive at a house on the seaside. According to the characters, the 26th Ward is planned to be finished in 20 years, and in the meantime, the suburb area has been "put to sleep" as the plans for the construction are being put into place.

The house on the seaside is revealed to be Kamijo's second home, where he lived with Machiko. After discussing Kamijo and the Postal Federation with her, the detectives simply leave. However, after this the still alive Kamijo returns to the home, where he presumably lives for the rest of his days.

Additionally, several endings in #07 black out mention Uehara and other characters eventually going to the 26th Ward. In almost all cases, it is described as a war zone.


  • The 26th Ward is referenced in LET IT DIE by signs for it in the train station after fighting Max Sharp. Given as the Tower of Barbs is made out of the former Tokyo region, the station could be a remnant of the Ward.

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