Yotaro Osato

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Yotaro Osato
Nationality Japanese
Family Sundance Shot (father)
Affiliation Regional Adjustment Bureau (formerly)
Weapon Gun
Status Unknown (possibly deceased)
First appearance "01 underground theater

Yotaro Osato is, along with Shinkai Tsuki, one of the main characters of the Matchmaker storypoint of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

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The 25th Ward[edit]

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Official profiles[edit]

Regional Adjustment Bureau rookie and subordinate to Tsuki. Always laid back and chill, while he has a slightly thick side which allows him to misunderstand orders, etc., due to a certain secret of which not even he himself is aware, he is thoroughly protected and watched over by the R.A. Bureau. Loves sweets, and is chat friends with Slash. (#25 artbook description)



The 25th Ward[edit]

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