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Ayame Shimohira is a character in The Silver Case. She is a digital artist, and the former partner of Kamui Uehara. She plays a major role in case#1:decoyman.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

On the exterior, Ayame has a calm and collected personality. Although according to her she has intense bottled-up emotions. She seemed to be in love with Kamui, naturally drawn to him due to being an Ayame stock. She also expressed intense jealously over the other women that Kamui had children with, which pushed her to murder them. Ayame also has a deep mutual love with Sumio Kodai, wishing she could stay with him forever.



Ayame was one of the 1,440 girls chosen for the Ayame Maspro portion of the Shelter Kids Policy. She was raised in the Shelters, and like the other girls had her memory of the experience wiped afterwards. Prior to the events of The Silver Case, she became affiliated with Kamui Uehara, who she was drawn to due to her status as Ayame stock. She worked as an artist out of her studio Gladiolus, and created digital works with the help of Kamui. She eventually became pregnant with Kamui's child.

The Silver Case[edit]

In case#1:decoyman, Ayame broke Kamui out of his confinement in IMM Hospital and kept him bound and locked away in her studio while he was in a catatonic state. On March 27, 1999, she lured Yuriko Sonoda out of her workplace with the promise of meeting Kamui. Ayame then killed her with a modified harpoon gun. Later that night, she began being tracked by the public security force Republic, who believed her to be Kamui. She managed to kill two of the Republic members, Kenichi Sakamoto, and Haruhiko Inomata. She then attacked the team commander Daigo Natsume, placing him in a coma. The next day, she killed Yuka Kawai in her home, before dumping her body above the sewer lines near Babylon street. On April 9th, she lured Kei Nanami to the Babylon Shopping Center, killing her by gouging out her chest and leaving her body on the mall's roof. While at Babylon, she also came into contact with Tokio Morishima. After killing the women, she also planned to kill the children Kamui had with them, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

On April 10th, she met the Heinous Crimes Unit detective Sumio Kodai, accompanied by Akira. They spoke about Kamui in her studio, and she and Sumio began to flirt. Sumio discerned that Kamui was being kept there, and his tied-up body was discovered in the closet. Ayame was taken to the 24 Prescint, where she was watched by Chizuru Hachisuka. She managed to shoot Chizuru with her own gun and escape to the Shelter Exhibition Area. Sumio and Akira cornered her in one of the Shelters, where she and Sumio had a stand-off. The two continued to flirt, with Ayame expressing a desire for Sumio to kill her. She turned the gun on herself, until Kamui's children appeared and said they could hear their unborn brother calling out to them. She dropped the gun as she was surrounded by the children. Ayame was arrested once again and admitted to a string of crimes. She was said to most likely receive the death penalty. At some point she died, and it is unknown what happened to her child.

In report*5:HIKARI, Tokio visited Gladiolus, where he said he could feel Ayame. After this point her lingering consciousness began to inhabit him. Through Tokio, Ayame typed a memo where she discussed her nature as a stock Ayame body, and that she, Kamui, and Tokio were pawns. She described how after becoming pregnant with Kamui's child, her bottled-up emotions caused her to explode. She ended the memo by telling Tokio to find something for himself. After this, Ayame remained as one of the lingering consciousnesses inside Tokio for many years.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case[edit]

In *00 UTSUTSU, it was stated that she is alive, but that there was no guarantee that the list was completely accurate. In #04 digital man, Sumio was able to speak to Ayame at the Model Room, presumably by peeking over to the Other Side using the powers of Kurumizawa. The two briefly spoke about how they wished they could be together forever, in a place where time is meaningless. She said that he could reach her if he could overcome the "compression rate", where she was living a quiet, modest life on 40,000 yen rent. She also asked him if he really understood the true nature of Kurumizawa. Sumio told her he would keep running until he could reach her, and she thanked him.

*05 MISOGI again showed Ayame as one of the lingering consciousnesses in Tokio's mind after he returned to the 24th Ward. She appeared in the third-floor bathroom of Babylon, alongside Kei Nanami and Kaiji Enzawa. She commented on Tokio's deteriorating mental state due to their presence within him.


  • Ayame's name comes from the Japanese word "ayameru" meaning "to kill".
  • Ayame shares her name with AYAME Blackburn, a character from killer7.
  • In Case #4.5 FACE, Ayame's age is inconsistently listed as 22.


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