Case ! Danwa

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Story Transmitter
Date(s) ???? ??, 2000
Location(s) Lounge Tamura
End card THE END
Moon color N/A

case#!:danwa is the seventh case of the Transmitter story of The Silver Case and the twelfth chapter of the game as a whole, coming in after Placebo's report*5:HIKARI. It is the final chapter of the original release of the game, and serves to wrap up the story.


As mentioned above, danwa concludes the main story of the game. In contrast to the other chapters, it is very short and consists almost entirely of one conversation. It features a very small amount of gameplay, only containing one room to briefly walk through. It reveals the full truth behind The Silver Case, and the true villain behind the events of the story, as well as important information regarding Kamui Uehara and concepts such as the silver eyes.


The case opens with a meeting between Tetsugoro Kusabi and Akira at a public cafe. Kusabi remarks on the imported chocolates at the cafe, Sumio being in jail, and Akira's recent good work as part of the Heinous Crimes Unit. He decides to tell Akira the truth regarding The Silver Case. Kusabi reveals that he was actually not the one who killed Kamui, but that contrary to how the case was originally described, he was killed by the old men of the TRO\CCO Alliance. He claims that Kamui was not a professional hitman as previously claimed, but was instead an average civilian who possessed a silver eye, making him ageless and immortal.

After Kusabi witnessed the old men killing Kamui and gouging out his eye, the group brutally fought to the death over it. The sole survivor gouged out his own eye and replaced it with Kamui's, causing him to instantly turn young again. Kusabi then shot the man twice with his pistol. He tells Akira that a certain main now owns the eye, implying it is him before revealing that it is actually Uminosuke Hachisuka, the grandfather of Chizuru who later killed and stole the identity of his son Kaoru and became the mayor of the 24 Wards. Kusabi then reveals that Chizuru and Tokio Morishima are siblings. Kusabi calls Hachizuka pure evil for using his grandchildren as toys, and expresses a desire to stop him. He tells Akira that it'll be a new age soon, and they can take their time and get rid of them. Kusabi then asks him for what he calls an important favor, to lend him 50,000 yen.


Sakura Natsume and Michiru Kosaka appear to tell Kusabi that Kamui has returned. Kusbai expresses confusion at this, believing that Akira had become the new Kamui. They inform Kusabi that Mayor Hachisuka has been murdered, and that he'll understand once he gets there. Kusabi tells Akira that he'll see him again, but asks him that if he's not Kamui, then "Who the fuck is "Akira"?".



  • In the original PlayStation release, this chapter was referred to as case#!:tamura. This was changed in the HD version of the game, which now calls it case#!:danwa. However, the ending slide for case#5:lifecut still refers to it as "Tamura".