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Story Transmitter
Date(s) July 11th 1999
July 12th 1999
July 19th 1999
July 22nd 1999
July 23rd 1999
July 25th 1999
July 26th 1999
July 27th 1999
July 31st 1999
August 1st 1999
August 2nd 1999
Location(s) various
End card REGRET
Moon color Orange

case#3:Parade is the third case of the Transmitter story of The Silver Case and the sixth chapter of the game as a whole. Unlike the rest of the game this chapter utilizes a different art style with a monochrome color scheme evocative of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case as well as numerous monochrome animated sequences.


This case initially concerns the investigation surrounding the bombing of the home of Chairman Yukimura president of the immensely wealthy and powerful Yukimura Zaibatsu and his subsequent kidnapping. As the case develops the enigmatic Mikumo Boys and their revenge quest against Yukimura becomes revealed as well as the mysteries of the Parade, the rural industrial town of Mikumo 77 and Sumio Kodai's relationship with it all.


The case opens amidst a surreal and disparate retelling of the events of The Parade in Mikumo 77 unbeknownst to the player; this is from the point of view of Sumio Kodai. The case begins properly with Sumio and Tetsugoro Kusabi resuming their stakeout of the residence of Chairman Yukimura now accompanied by Akira.

Sunday, July 11, 1999, 9:51 PM
While in the car once again staking out the Yukimura residence, Sumio asks Tetsu if he likes fairy tales. Tetsu quickly dismisses the very notion as "kid's shit", but Sumio continues talking despite Kusabi's vocal disinterest. Sumio continues the discussion anyway as Kusabi tells him that he is going to sleep, despite this Kusabi continues to talk to Sumio. He explains that fairytales are whitewashed and sanitized from their original much darker roots. Sumio tells a fairytale from his childhood about a band of heroes that set out to rescue a princess from an evil serpent but reveals that the princess had been killed by the serpent and then the heroes killed the serpent in revenge. After hearing Kusabi's angry reaction to this ending, he clarifies that there was never a serpent in the first place, in the end the story was merely about people killing other people. Sumio concludes that that "Fairytales are crimes" and that no matter what justification there is for committing a crime, a crime is still a crime. After a moment of silence Sumio asks Tetsu what he would do to the heroes in the story to which Tetsu initially says he wouldn't do anything but changes his mind. He tells Tetsu to go to sleep and that he and Akira will keep watch. Once Kusabi falls asleep, Akira does a routine patrol of the Yukimura estate. Akira returns to the car from an otherwise uneventful patrol when much to everybody's surprise the Yukimura estate explodes. Tetsu tells Sumio to burn this image into his eyeballs, Sumio assures him that he will never forget this.

Monday, July 12, 1999, 8:34 AM
Back at Precinct 24 Tetsu and Sumio apologize for the events of the previous night. Sumio casually takes full responsibility and Tetsu criticizes him harshly. Morichika Nakategawa urges the rest of the HCU agents to the conference room at as the Central Police Department is now directly involved with this case. In the conference room Sumio points out the Central Police officers to Akira, he explains that they are a more traditional police force compared to the HCU and are full of esteemed veteran officers but their more conventional policework is seen as antiquated and unnecessary in the world of transmittable crime. Tetsu berates Sumio for his comment, explaining that the nature of policework is adapting to the changes in the form of crime and how they have no idea when the HCU will be seen as antiquated and that it's arrogant to say that the old ways are fundamentally inferior. Central Police HQ Advisor Daikichi Sakaguchi begins the conference by introducing himself and asserts that anybody who refers to him as "Afro" will be 'dealt with'. Sakaguchi explains that two months prior a threatening note was sent to the Yukimura Zaibatsu in a newspaper, the crudely rendered note merely stated "The Monkey Laughs". Because of this Tetsu and Sumio were assigned to watch Chairman Yukimura's estate (as seen in case#2:spectrum), however despite their surveillance the estate exploded. Sakaguchi stares directly at Tetsu, Akira and Sumio while he says this. Kusabi grouses that Sakaguchi is a 'dick' and this is par for the course for him. The Advisor continues to explain that no bodies were found in the ruins of the Yukimura Estate and the case is now assumed to be a kidnapping since Yukimura himself has been missing since the day of the explosion. He asserts that the location of Chairman Yukimura and the apprehension of the bomber are top priorities and that Central will have full jurisdiction over the entire police force during this case. He concludes by explaining the importance and influence the Yukimura Zaibatsu has over the national economy. After the meeting HCU Chief Shinji Kotobuki speaks with Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi wryly asks how his "Band of Killers" are faring but Kotobuki rebuffs him. The two share shallow and sarcastic compliments and Kotobuki accuses Sakaguchi of being desperate. Sakaguchi confirms this but doubles down on asserting his authority while also warning Kotobuki to watch his back as somebody in the HCU might not be trustworthy. Michiru Kosaka arrives interrupting the conversation with a video from the perpetrators. The video is monochrome and initially shows a blow-up sex doll propped in a chair before panning to the right to reveal the bound and unconscious Chairman. Sakaguchi can not discern the meaning behind the video or the intention of sending it to the police. Kosaka confirms that it is in fact Yukimura in the video. Kusabi speculates that it is nothing but self-assertation from the suspect. Sumio wonders to what end but Kusabi is certain this isn't about money.

12:46 PM
Akira accompanies Kusabi and Sumio to the headquarters of the Yukimura Zaibatsu the Snow Tower. Kusabi remarks on the scale of the case and how it can't be solved with equally large actions, Sumio gets distracted staring at the building but claims it looks like a ghost to him. Sumio comments on the mundanity of the Snow Tower's lobby but Tetsu tells him that is the point, conceal the wealth beneath the illusion of mundanity. The officers meet with the receptionist and she tells them to head upstairs to the special satellite HQ. On the top floor of the building Kusabi notices the luxury now in full display noting the imported furniture and goods. They are greeted by Kosaka, Sumio introduces them and they begin to discuss the case. Kosaka says he gathered the executives of the Zaibatsu but none of them seem to be quite helpful. To Akira(and the player) they appear warped and distorted, the executives coldly and cynically discuss numbers and money as if nothing is even wrong. Kusabi and Kosaka agree that they actually are happy the chairman is gone, Sumio equates it to a war of succession. Tetsu decides that all of the executives are suspicious . Kosaka and Tetsu discuss the contrasting investigational philosophies of Central and the HCU. Kosaka explains that the entire building is guarded by Central Police. Kusabi deduces that Snow Tower is not a potential target.

Monday, July 19, 1999, 07:45 PM
Akira, Tetsu and Sumio's investigation leads them to the apartment of Hanao Hiseki the suspected bomber of the Yukimura estate. Upon entry to the suspect's apartment the three officers find the shirtless, hanged corpse of Hanao Hiseki. Tetsu laments that they are too late.

Thursday, July 22, 1999, 01:27 PM
Once again back at Precinct 24 Tetsu and Sumio lament the death of their only lead. Tetsu however remarks that this isn't his job and his time to shine has yet to come in leaving Sumio bewildered. A Central officer delivers another video from the perpetrators to Sakaguchi. The video starts with the shadow of a man cast on the floor, he smokes a cigarette as the camera pans to the right to reveal the still bound and unconscious Chairman Yukimura. The video abruptly cuts to the blow-up doll from the previous video getting slowly covered in water before it ends abruptly. The content of the video disturbs and confuses Sakaguchi, the other police officers seem to be in agreement that this a threat of murder. Sakaguchi calls Kosaka and asks him to figure out what the perpetrators want because they are running out of time.

Friday, July 23, 1999, 08:55 AM
In the HCU Office Kiyoshi Morikawa and Chizuru Hachisuka discuss the complete and utter lack of leads in the case with Nakategawa. Sumio confirms that they have made no real progress in the case either and that Tetsu is "all shut off". Akira visits Tetsu in his office, only for him to suddenly receive a call from Kosaka on his radio. Kusabi answers rudely but Kosaka tells him this is top secret. Kosaka then pleads that Kusabi do him a favor.

03:50 PM


  • In the 2016 Remake of The Silver Case, the in-game artwork for this chapter was changed significantly from the original PlayStation version. The original art style featured a style more akin to contemporary (for the time) TV Anime. The artwork used in the 2016 remake of the Silver Case is also present in the Art of Grasshopper Manufacture artbook; which states that this art was initially produced for the cancelled Nintendo DS port of The Silver Case.
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