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case#4:Kamuidrome is the fifth case of the Transmitter story of The Silver Case and the eighth of the game as a whole. It focuses on the underground world of the Internet, and its effects on the society of Ward 24.


Kamuidrome serves as a mostly standalone chapter from the rest of the story, largely focused on secondary characters. Two of its principal characters, Oldman and Neutral, appear nowhere else in the game. Its main purpose is to show incidents related to the Internet, and the online cult surrounding Kamui Uehara. The story is split between the perspectives of users of Kamui Net, and the Heinous Crimes Unit's reactions to the events that unfold.


The chapter opens with a scene of an online chatroom, with people discussing the nature of the Internet and the way it connects people. A young man named Tomonori Furuya—username "Oldman"—speaks about how data transcends time, and that by connecting billions of people, it will cause them to transcend, before repeating the phrase "BELIEVE IN THE NET".

Saturday, August 21, 1999, 7:00PM
Akira receives an email from Tokio Morishima, telling him about how he worked out the mystery of Mikumo in report*3:TSUKI. He says that he liked Sumio and that the next time he sees Kusabi he'll try to cheer him up. He tells Akira about the disappearances of women at a club called Ronny Rockets.

Furuya's mother tells him that she's going to work, and leaves 20,000 yen on the table for food. She tells him not to get into any trouble and leaves. On chat, Furuya complains about his mother. His online friends agree that there is a sickness among people in modern-day society, leading to a breaking-down of relationships. Furuya says that he plans to leave the chat, with another user, Neutral, asking for him to stay. He searches for a different website to visit, eventually stumbling upon Kamui Net. The site lists the victims killed by Kamui Uehara, along with their purported crimes. It goes on to detail the assassination of TRO/CCO Alliance Chairman Ginji Nakane, leading to Kamui's arrest. Furuya is shown to be enamored with the site.

Sunday, August 22, 1999, 5:41PM
Akira receives an email from The Bat, telling him to stay away from Morishima, and that Akira and Tokio share the same "body". He says that he's planning on killing Tokio, and will tell Akira when he's done it.

At Prescinct 24, Morichika Nakategawa briefs the others about the rise of crimes related with the Internet, and the recent disappearances related to them. He tells them the story of a Missing girl who is the subject of an investigation. The girl was obsessed with the Internet and finding connections with people across the world. She later found the dark side of the web and was drawn to it. She started wearing trendy clothes, and explored the nightlife outside in the city. Eventually, a guide appeared before her and gave her a flier directing her to the Dark Angel website, telling her that if she waited for one week, the world would be hers. On the final day, she was sitting in front of her computer in a trance. She received a message that said "I need you. You're special, I need you", after which she disappeared. The other members of the Heinous Crimes Unit have no interest in taking the case, so it is assigned to Akira. He is given a flier as his first clue.

At Ronny Rockets, Akira is met with dismissal from the club-goers. He is eventually approached by a man who denies handing out the fliers. He directs Akira to the Dark Angel site and asks him to leave.

Monday, August 23, 1999, 3:44AM
Naka thanks Akira for the hard work and visits a website from the flier. He inputs Akira's home address and tells him to wait.

At his apartment, Akira receives an email telling him to wait for a week. Meanwhile, Kusabi meets with Sumio in prison. They speak about the Mikumo case and the changing nature of crime. Kusabi tells Sumio that he's just trying to rationalize what he's done. He says that as long as people are alive they'll try to take the easy route through crime.

On Kamui Net, Furuya antagonizes the chat members. They threaten to kill him, and he invites them to try. The users begin to trace his location. Neutral appears and tells him to run, and that he's actually in danger.

Akira receives an update that his inquiry is in progress and to wait a little bit longer.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999, 8:36AM

Baian's suicide.
Naka informs the others that secretly filmed footage of the idol Sayaka Baian will be released on the Internet, and that he has purchased two tickets to the broadcast using department funds. The candid footage is broadcast, with live reactions from the viewers, including Naka and Shinji Kotobuki. After learning of the video, Baian entered a state of shock, and threw herself from her apartment rooftop to her death.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999, 8:32AM
The detectives discuss Baian's suicide, revealing that eleven members of a hardcore Baian fan club were the ones to leak the footage, and have since been arrested. Naka compliments Chizuru Hachisuka on her short bob haircut, but she tells him it's a wig. Kiyoshi Morikawa asks if Chizuru sympathizes with Baian since she's a woman, but she shows uncaring coldness toward the situation, saying that Baian was only fulfilling her customer's needs. Footage is shown of Baian repeating her name to the camera.

Akira receives an email saying that the number of crimes is making the world a difficult place for web inhabitants. They ask him to fight with them and to wait longer.

Thursday, August 26, 1999, 7:30PM
Furuya uploads a virus to Kamui Net, placing a warning to leave on its homepage. Elsewhere, Sumio tells Kusabi that he had a dream about Riru Yukimura. In the dream, when Mikumo disappeared, she was crying. Kusabi tells him that his imagination is drawing him away from reality, and that he has to fight back. Sumio says that his past had to be killed, and that Kusabi will have to do the same soon. As Kusabi leaves, Sumio tells him that he hasn't changed and is still there.

Akira receives an email telling him that his inquiry has been passed, and he just has to wait a little longer. He is given a link to Kamui Net, and sees the warning displayed by Furuya. Neutral sends an email to Furuya, telling him that he's acting like a dictator by taking over Kamui Net. Furuya responds, telling them to not get in his way. Neutral tells him that he is being hunted and will live in fear for the rest of his life. Furuya accuses Neutral of being their spy and taunts at them to find him. Neutral responds with a warning not to run.

Akira receives yet another email, saying that the plan is moving forward, and it will affect all people. It tells him to wait longer.

Saturday, August 28, 1999, 8:37PM
Furuya waits at his door with a baseball bat, expecting to be attacked. Neutral arrives, who is really a girl named Nakama. They both say that their meeting was fated to happen. Neutral asks for his forgiveness, and the two have sex. She tells him that she knew it was going to happen like this, and that he is special. She says that he is going to become the moon to watch over the world together with her, and surpass Kamui.

Kusabi meets with Sumio again, and asks if he's comfortable. Sumio asks him if he feels that something is about to begin. Kusabi asks what happens to someone if they lose the connection that happens when they face another person. Sumio warns him that the world is about to change, and Kusabi says that he won't run away.

Akira receives an email telling him that the promised day is almost there, and that he will receive his final notification tomorrow. Furuya and Nakama radically alter their appearance, and become revolutionaries under their usernames "Oldman" and "Neutral" in a group known as Method Tank. The two appear on a broadcast, with Oldman saying that he is a god sent to purify the world. He says that the new age will arrive on 9/9/1999. Neutral says that she is the goddess who watches over the world, and asks people to follow Oldman.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999, 10:10PM
Akira receives an email apologizing for his wait, and welcoming him to their family. It asks him to head immediately to the Kinjo Building. It includes a note from Chairman Kinjo asking him to take care of the tardy girl. Meanwhile, Kusabi tells Sumio about the appearance of Method Tank, calling them "clowns". Sumio wonders if they're Kamui copycats, like Ayame Shimohira. Kusabi says that they're going to try to accomplish what Kamui didn't and change the world. Kusabi wonders what's up with the end of the millennium, but Sumio corrects him that the millennium actually ends in 2001. Kusabi says that they're taking advantage of the end of the millennium to sell their message.

Thursday, September 9, 1999, 12:00PM
Akira arrives at the Kinjo Building, and meets the missing girl. She says that Naka cried after Baian's death, and that it was hard to cheer him up. She bemoans that there are a lot of people who think that she is Neutral, which she resents due to being younger than her. She mentions that everyone else has already moved on to another dimension, and that she arrived late. She says that she was forgiven for her tardiness and thanks Akira for talking to her. She then disappears into the other dimension.


Method Tank's countdown.
Naka tells the others about Method Tank, who have exposed themselves to the media and have been gathering attention for a few days. On orders from the Central Police Department, they are not to engage in any investigation of Method Tank. The group watches as the countdown reaches its conclusion, resulting in a city-wide blackout.

At the Harakiri Batting Center, Kusabi meets with Ryu Munakata to ask what happened. Munakata says that Method Tank distributed a next-generation OS across the world in an attempt to connect all of humanity online, and that he had to dish out punishment to them. He warns Kusabi about the imminent return of Kamui, and asks not to get in Kamui's way so he can flush out the remnants of the FSO. He tells Kusabi to be careful of the ones around him. In his car, Kusabi speaks to Sumio, who tells him that what happens next depends on him. Sumio disappears, and Kusabi wonders what to do next.



  • The images and footage of Sayaka Baian were changed in the 2017 update that included case#25:whiteout prologue and report*6:YAMI, replacing her original actress Hikaru Oki with Matsunaga Arisa.
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