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Purpose Satellite building
Location Area E3, Ward 24
Appearance case#0:lunatics (The Silver Case)

Cauliflower is a satellite building in Ward 24 and the main setting of case#0:lunatics in The Silver Case.


Cauliflower is located along the road in Area E3 that connects Ward 24 to Hinashiro City, by the Kurogane river. It is considered the nucleus of the city's private railroad and is presumably used for the railway's communications. It consists of three main stories and an open-access rooftop area. A small room at the very top can be accessed from the roof. The doors in Cauliflower can be locked using an electronic system that assigns them codes that must be decoded using a cipher. The building has a decoder panel on the first floor that can be used for this purpose.

In The Silver Case, Ryo Kazan flees into Cauliflower after firing at detective Tetsugoro Kusabi. Because of this, Kusabi and the Republic task-force have to make their way through the building to find him, having to deal with the electronic security system to make progress. It is suggested that Ryo possibly activated the locks, as he apparently reconfigures the one on the door leading to the roof. Also inside Cauliflower is Rumi Toba and a woman she beheaded. It is unknown if the woman was an employee of the building, or was brought by Ryo and Rumi from outside. Rumi is found behind one of the locked doors, providing more evidence to the idea that Ryo is responsible for their presence.