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A regular police officer of Central.

The Central Police Department is the head division of the Police Department of the Administrative Inspection Office. They are the main police force of Ward 24 and carry out regular police activities, and act as superiors to the Heinous Crimes Unit when they work together. However, as crimes have become increasingly less traditional in the world of The Silver Case, they are regarded as old-fashioned by the other divisions.



The Central Police Department has a minor but frequent presence in the backstory of The Silver Case, as the HC Unit technically works under them, and both of their offices are in the Precinct 24 building. Additionally, many members have histories there; for example, Sumio Kodai trained to be a detective at Central before being assigned to the Unit. Central and the HC Unit do not necessarily work in eachothers interests, as seen in case#1:decoyman when the HC Unit attempts to hide the fact that they've captured Kamui as they do not wish for Central to take him away before they can question him.

Central comes to the forefront in case#3:parade when they work together with the Unit on the Yukimura case. Conflict arises between the two, as agents from the Unit were watching Yukimura's building when it exploded, causing Sakaguchi to blame the crime on their negligence. Central is shown to think of the Unit as dangerously eccentric, describing them as a "band of killers". This negative view of the Unit later causes Central to assign them one of Central's own agents, Kenta Mikoshiba, to attempt to improve it.