Chapter 1: 300

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300 is the first chapter of Kurayami Dance.


The story opens with an introduction to the protagonist, Kaido Wataru, an undertaker working for the Royal Funeral Service in Hadou City. He drives to Hadou Crematorium to perform his duties. As the coffin of the dead person burns, he speaks with his boss, an old man named Umemura, about how they don't mind this kind of thing. They play catch with a baseball outside the Crematorium together. Back at the Royal building, Wataru takes off for home on his motorcycle, saying goodbye to Umemura.

At his apartment building, the Hadou Corporate Housing, Wataru finds food on his table and a note on its preparation signed "-Mom". Wataru prepares and eats the food, does the dishes, slicks his hair back and puts on a leather jacket. He goes out to ride around the city some more.

At the convenience store Gozu, he meets with his friend, an employee named Kento Shiba. At Kento's break, they head outside and he offers Wataru some Hex Coffee. As they stand, a van doing advertising for a politician drives by. Wataru and Kento talk about the increasing number of political ads around the city recently, put up in anticipation of the upcoming elections. They also remark on a passing ISZK truck, on how more trucks are driving around a nearby mountain to a disposal facility that was apparently bought by a foreign company. This leads them to the topic of America, and Kento expresses a desire to go there with Wataru. They make loose plans to do so soon, and Wataru drives off.

Next, Wataru goes to a rest stop at the Hadou Interchange where he meets fellow biker Morishima. Wataru declares that today is the day he reaches 300. In the restroom, they discuss the concept in question, that being their "high scores" of kilometers per hour. Morishima has achieved up to 280, while Wataru's only reached 250, but Morishima warns that after exceeding 260, the world begins to warp around you, that after 280 is a world beyond reason, and that breaking 300 will cause the rider to die as they enter an "all-encompassing red". Despite these warnings, Wataru declares that he wishes to see the world beyond reason.

Taking off on his bike, Wataru slowly speeds up, attempting to reach 300. The faster he goes, the more the world around him distorts in increasingly surreal ways. When he reaches 300, he sees the red, but he and his bike fly up into the air. As he crashes onto the ground, he loses his vision and blacks out.

Waking up in a hospital bed, mutilated and missing the right side of his head, he sees a strange presence above him. A bizarre inhuman entity with a clamp-like head seemingly carrying an eye appears looming over him. Wataru asks if he died, to which the entity replies "not yet". The entity refuses to answer any further questions, and during their brief conversation Wataru's head almost seems to be regenerating. Wataru then awakens for real, still in the hospital bed but finding that three years have passed, as well as possessing an artificial replacement right eye.

Standing over Wataru this time is a self-proclaimed "sexy nurse". She greets him and informs him that he's been asleep for three years. Looking out the window over the city, Wataru notices a giant black pillar in the distance, which the nurse calls the Kurogane Castle.


  • This chapter is about double the size of most other chapters of the series.