Chapter 2: Extra Inning

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Extra Inning is the second chapter of Kurayami Dance.


Kaido Wataru is still staying in the hospital. He expresses a desire to visit the Kurogane Castle, at first believing it to be a shopping mall. At the same time, the mysterious creature he saw in the previous chapter continues to hang around him, but still refuses to explain who they are. In his final checkup before being released from the hospital, the doctor examines his new right eye to make sure it's functioning properly. Wataru bids farewell to the nurse as he heads out.

After leaving the hospital, a car pulls up and the driver expresses surprise that Wataru still lives after his reckless and suicidal stunt. Wataru reassures the driver that he wants to live and not die; they roll down their window to reveal their identity, Wataru's friend Kento Shiba. He tells Wataru that he's proud of him, and invites him into the car.

As Kento drives through Hadou City, he says that a lot has changed during the past three years. He points out that most of the buildings have been closed up with shutters. As they stop at a cafe, Kento explains why: it seems that there was a huge economic boom, and most of the population became rich and left the city behind. They moved to the Kurogane Kingdom, a new kingdom with no taxes established within Japan on the mountains around Kishii Village. The kingdom is ruled by Kai Kurogane, the man who won the mayoral election that was occurring three years ago and the father of Naito Kurogane.

Wataru is impressed by Kai's ability to develop an entire kingdom in three years. Kento is seemingly taken aback by this, surprised that Wataru would say something that would suggest being a supporter of Kurogane, but Wataru retorts that he doesn't have any political allegiances since he's been gone for so long. While talking about their food, it occurs to Wataru to ask Kento if this world is actually real or not. Wataru has suspicions that he died in the accident and that this world is a dream or alternate reality. Kento reassures him that this is the same reality he's always known.

Wataru says goodbye to Kento and returns to his home in the Hadou Corporate Housing, where he finds a meal and a note apparently from his Mom once again. Like last time, he prepares and eats it. He thinks to himself about how he doesn't want to be in Hadou anymore because it's become a place he doesn't know. The next morning, he finds breakfast with yet another note from his Mom, curiously remarking on "seeing [his] face" despite her being nowhere to be seen.

Wataru goes to the hospital for another checkup. The doctor informs him that he might see some hallucinations before he's fully adjusted to his new eye. Wataru denies having seen any, but as he leaves, he sees the strange entity waving to him from the window.

He then returns to his job at the Royal Funeral Service. Umemura is very happy to see him again, and they recall that Wataru began working there six years ago, and entered his coma exactly three years later. Umemura tells Wataru that they have received a job request from the Kurogane Kingdom. Wataru instantly agrees to take on the assignment, saying it's something he has to do. Umemura shows off the coffin the kingdom wants delivered, a huge extravagant black casket, described as possibly the most impressive coffin in the world.

Wataru asks who died, and Umemura doesn't answer straight, but tells him that there's a rumor that it may have been a member of the Kurogane family. Before Wataru leaves, they play some more catch. As Wataru drives off, he notices that the entity is riding with him in the passenger seat, before appearing outside of the car. He dismisses it as a hallucination and drives off to the kingdom.