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Christina (クリスチーナ, Kurisuchiina) is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a talking crocodile kept as a pet by Toriko Kusabi, the daughter of Heinous Crimes Unit detective Tetsugoro Kusabi. Being a male crocodile, he dislikes being called Christina by Toriko because of his pink complexion and ran away. He is often called "Chris" by Toriko, and often mistakenly thought to be a female crocodile by various characters. He appears almost exclusively at the end of chapters with Toriko.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Christina is a pink crocodile who has the ability to converse with Toriko Kusabi, though it isn't known if it's because Toriko can understand animals or if he can truly speak. However, he does not speak for the majority of the game, mainly opting to remain silent and act as a regular animal. He spends the majority of his time in Lospass Island walking past other inhabitants or chasing his own tail in a loop while Toriko is looking for him. He is bitter against Toriko for calling him Christina and referring him with female gender pronouns, calling it a "stupid name" and how it makes him look like a "cross-dresser". He also doesn't seem to be particularly obedient to Toriko's orders, calling her "girly" all the time. Toriko also notes that he is always complaining, this time by begging her to change his name to something other than Christina. He can be seen roaring on top of the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain's neon sign in Request 11: Clair de Lune.


Christina almost exclusively appears in vignettes that occurs at the end of most chapters. He leaves Toriko's room in Request 01: Gymnopédie#1 and Toriko chases after him, afraid that he'll eat someone. He is revealed to have been following Sundance Shot throughout Lospass Island and leading Toriko to him. Christina's last end of chapter appearance happens after Toriko convinces Sundance Shot to give another chance to Sumio Mondo when held at gunpoint in Request 13: La fille aux cheveux de lin. Toriko and Christina are last seen together on the roof of the hotel under at a crescent moon. Despite telling Toriko to ask away, he repeatedly says "Don't ask me." as Toriko wonders if Sumio is "our savior".

Official profiles[edit]

Toriko's pet pink crocodile.
Eats humans.
Place of Birth: Far East

Toriko's pet crocodile. While its pink scales might look odd, there are several species of colorful crocodiles just like it which inhabit Losspass Island.


  • In Pre-Lunatics, Tetsugoro Kusabi can be seen with a picture of Toriko and Christina as well as a car hanging decoration of a crocodile looking like him, suggesting Christina was part of the family at least two years before the events of Flower, Sun, and Rain.



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