Coyote Smith

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Coyote Smith
Other names The Thief
Age 28
Nationality Puerto Rican
Occupation Assassin
Affiliation Smith Syndicate
Weapon Modified Enfield revolver "FREAK SCENE"
Status Deceased
First appearance Target00: Angel
Played by Benito Martinez

Coyote Smith is one of the main characters of killer7. He is a member of the Smith Syndicate and a playable character alongside the other members. He is known as "The Thief", and excels at picking locks and jumping to high ledges.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Coyote is a tall man with an athletic build originating from Puerto Rico. He sports a pompadour haircut and changes over-shirts frequently throughout the course of the game.

Iwazaru describes Coyote as a "ruthless villain". He appears as cold-blooded and doesn't seem to hesitate to strike in the face of danger. He exclaims "You're fucked!" when hitting the weak point of a Heaven Smile. He also holds his revolver in an unconventional, upside-down way.

Coyote is enemies with Dan Smith. Conversely, he respects MASK de Smith due to being a fan of his father, MASK de Great, as a child. Coyote and KAEDE Smith are attracted to each other, but their relationship is described as one "filled with sorrow".


Coyote has powerful acrobatic skills known as "Deadly Jumping" that allow him to jump straight up in the air. He can also unlock any padlock using his lockpicking skills. In-game, Coyote is especially suited to shooting the limbs off of Heaven Smiles and is the only persona to be able to learn the ability to lock-on to their feet (Foot Lock-On), as well as Deadly Blow, which destroys an individual piece of a Smile in one attack. Coyote can also use blood to charge up his revolver with a "custom magnum shell".


Official profiles[edit]

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  • Suda51 considers Coyote Smith to be his favorite character in killer7.
  • Coyote was originally going to have a chapter focused on him in the game, in which he would permanently die. This is all that is known of the contents of this hypothetical chapter.
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