Daigo Natsume

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Daigo Natsume
Nationality Japanese
Family Sakura Natsume (daughter)
Occupation Republic Commander
Affiliation Republic
Status Comatose
First appearance case#0:lunatics

Daigo Natsume is a character in The Silver Case. He is the commander of the Special Forces Unit Republic, and serves alongside the main character, Akira.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Daigo is a resolute officer, dedicated to eliminating crime by any means necessary. He is also very devoted to his daughter Sakura Natsume, and worked tirelessly to try and learn the truth behind her kidnapping. He has intimate knowledge of the true nature of crime, and believes that it must be erradicated completely to avoid transmission. He is very cautious and always warns others to follow orders exactly.



In his youth, Daigo served as an officer in Precinct 24, later becoming an agent for the Public Security Department of Ward 24. He was one of the few individuals to know the truth about the events of the Silver Case, and was friends with the arresting officer Tetsugoro Kusabi. He eventually had a daughter, Sakura Natsume. His wife passed away only months after her birth. When Sakura was two years old, she was kidnapped and raised as Ayame stock for the secondary Shelter Kids Policy. Daigo volunteered to join the investigation, but was taken off the case due to his personal involvement. He began an independent investigation into the kidnappings, which he documented extensively. By the time Sakura was returned to him two years later, he had made little progress. After realizing the power of who he was dealing with, he ceased his investigation, inscribing the notes on a data disc and hiding it inside of a photo album.

In the 1990s, Daigo was chosen to lead the Public Security Department's new special forces group Republic, meant to compete with the Heinous Crimes Unit. He was allowed to scout his own members for the group, and hand-picked Akira, Kenichi Sakamoto, Haruhiko Inomata, and Shinkai Tsuki.

The Silver Case[edit]

Daigo first appears in case#0:lunatics on January 30th, 1999. Republic was tasked with its first mission: eliminating Ryo Kazan, who had retreated to the Cauliflower building. Since Tsuki had been injured in training, the team was comprised of Akira, Sakamoto, and Inomata. Daigo ordered them to make minimal contact with the jurisdiction detective on the scene, then lead the target to the roof for disposal. Daigo was surprised to learn that Kusabi was the detective in question. The two caught up, with Kusabi mentioning that he thought Natsume would join him in the Heinous Crimes Unit. Daigo said he couldn't, since he isn't as strong as Kusabi. Kusabi decided to provide the group back-up on the mission. Daigo remotely guided the group through the building, urging them to follow orders to avoid any accidents. Once Akira reached the roof, Daigo reminded him to move cautiously. Once he encountered Kazan, Daigo told him to shoot, but Kusabi disposed of him first. Daigo then told Sakamoto to calm down when he criticized Kusabi.

On March 27th, Republic began to track Ayame Shimohira, believing her to be the escaped Kamui Uehara. The group arrived in the woods in E Ward for "Operation Secure Kamui". Daigo told the group to bring Kamui in alive, despite Inomata's protest. Once the mission had began he urged them to stay in formation and not get too close to the target. Sakamoto's radar malfunctioned, and he got too close to Ayame, who then killed him. Despite Daigo's best efforts, Inomata ran ahead to avenge Sakamoto and was subsequently killed. After both bodies had been discovered, he instructed Akira to fall back. He told Akira that Kamui would come for him soon, and to remember the phrase "flower, sun, and rain", and that the answer lies inside Kamui. Ayame then appeared behind Daigo and attacked him with a customized harpoon gun, placing him in a coma.

Daigo was placed in the ICU at IMM Hospital, and remained in a coma. He was believed to be dead by most, including his own daughter. At the beginning of case#5:lifecut, Kusabi was told the truth by Shinji Kotobuki, who asked him to look after Sakura. It is unknown what happened to Daigo after this point or if Sakura ever learned that he was alive.


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