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Daikichi Sakaguchi (坂口 大吉, Sakaguchi Daikichi) is a character in The Silver Case. He is a crime investigation advisor for the Central Police Department. He leads the kidnapping investigation in case#3:parade.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sakaguchi is a middle-aged Japanese man, notable for his long curly hair that earned him his nickname "Afro". He dislikes the name is swears to "deal with" anyone who uses it. He is an old-school investigator who is not fond of the Heinous Crimes Unit, who he refers to as a "band of killers". He also holds them responsible for their inability to protect the chairman. According to Kusabi, he is known for having a contemptable personality. After the investigation fails, he willingly takes the fall for it to spare Central, showing that he has concern for his subordinates.


Sakaguchi served as a crime investigation advisor for the Central Police Department. Two months before the events of case#3:parade, he asked the Heinous Crimes Unit to stakeout the Yukimura residence after a threatening note was received by Chairman Yukimura. On July 11th, 1999, Yukimura was kidnapped and his mansion was destroyed by an explosion. The next day, he delivered a briefing at HQ where he blames the HCU for failing to protect the Chairman. He calls for the entire department to be dedicated to solving the case.

After the speech he speaks with Shinji Kotobuki, criticizing the HCU's "band of killers". He assures him that with himself as the head of the investigation, it'll be solved without issue. After the videos from the perpetrators are played, he expressed frustration at being unable to find meaning in them. After the ransom was revealed, he ordered Michiru Kosaka to divert funds from the Yukimura Zaibatsu to aquire it. After the Chairman was found, he returned to Central and asked Kosaka to send Kusabi his regards, in an effort to scout him. After the destruction of Snow Tower by the Chairman, Central's reputation was ruined. Sakaguchi took full responsibility to save his subordinates' jobs. He later went to another unknown assingment "out in the sticks".

Some time later, Sakaguchi headed the "Cut Doctor" case alongside Kusabi, Sakura Natsume, Sumio Kodai, Kosaka, and Yoshimitsu Koshimizu. Nothing is known about this case other than the name, but it is implied that it resulted in Sakaguchi's death. In #01 new world order, Kosaka and Hatoba mention Sakaguchi's funeral was 5 years prior, after the events of "that case".


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