Dr. Juvenile

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Dr. Juvenile
Other names White Sheepman
Nationality American

John Winter (Father)
Frank (Adoptive Father)
Mr. Doppleganger (Adoptive Father)

Dr. Naomi (Sister)
Occupation Game Designer
Status Unknown
First appearance Electric Thunder Tiger II

Dr. Juvenile is a major character who appears in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes as well as the final boss. She is the creator of the mysterious Death Drive Mark II game console.

Appearance and Personality[edit]


She has 3 seperate dads. Being game designer is suffering.

Travis Strikes Again[edit]

Official profiles[edit]

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  • Dr. Juvenile seems to act as a self-insert of Suda51, communicating the conditions he endured while working under Electronic Arts. This is seen in her parent company's disregard for her work and insistence that she follow commands of executives.


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