Edo Macalister

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Edo Macalister
Edo art.png
Other names Porter, Maitre'D, Ed McAllister, Edogawa
Age 36 (killer7)
Nationality Micronesian (Lospass Island)
Occupation Hotel Manager
Status Alive
First appearance Request 00: Welcome to the "Flower,Sun,and Rain"

Edo Macalister is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain and killer7, as well as the manga Kurayami Dance. He is the manager of the Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel and is responsible for drafting searcher Sumio Mondo to Lospass Island, in order to deter a potential terrorist attack at the airport. Macalister is the author of The Lospass, a tourist's guide to Lospass Island.

Appearance and Personality[edit]


Official profiles[edit]

Civil and courteous in all matters of work.
Tends to snap.
Occupation: Hotel Manager
Place of Birth: Lospass Island

The hotel manager of the "Flower, Sun, and Rain," Edo is very dedicated to his work and provides his patrons with exemplary customer service. A person who holds many of the story's most important clues in his hands, he can be found performing actions such as commissioning work from Sumio.


  • His last name is shared by both researcher Graham MacAlister and baseball player Nigel McAllister from Hand in killer7 and Diabolical Pitch, respectively.
  • The name Edo Macalister would more naturally be spelled Ed McAllister in English. The unusual romanization seems to be a stylistic choice, possibly to create a more mysterious-sounding name. This is referenced in-game; when he first hears Edo's name, Sumio asks, "You mean Ed?".
  • There is a unit at Grasshopper consisting of Takuma Araki and Yusuke Isao who are credited under the name "Edo Macalister" in the credits of The Silver Case's PS4 version and The 25th Ward.


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