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El Crasher is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a professional wrestler training under Mr. Pirate, and a guest at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

El Crasher is an energetic wrestler. He is passionate about fighting and can train so intensely that he will refuse to move or be unable to focus on anything else After his fighting spirit was restored, he became calmer and expressed his generosity, but still continues training. He is constantly doing squats at all times. He wears a normal black t-shirt and jeans with white leather shoes. He is never seen without his yellow wrestling mask, which resembles a tiger.



El Crasher is a professional wrestler training under Mr. Pirate, who also acts as his manager. He made his wrestling debut with an intense match taking place on February 10th. After a string of poor matches and a big loss, he was expelled from Mr. Pirate's school. In a final act of generosity, Mr. Pirate offered Crasher the chance to train with him on Lospass Island to restore his fighting spirit.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

El Crasher first appears in Request 03: "From the New World" Symphony No.9 in E minor,Op.95, staying in Room 304 of the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is found by Sumio Mondo while blocking the stairs to the lobby during one of his training sessions. After seeking advice from Mr. Pirate, Mondo used Catherine to help him remember his debut match. With his fighting spirit restored, Crasher drop-kicked Mondo unconscious. After he awakened on the roof, Crasher thanked Mondo for helping him and offered for him to join in his Master's training. Crasher and Mr. Pirate had a sparring session on the roof as the plane exploded overhead.

Some time later Crasher was found in the stairwell by Toriko Kusabi, who mistook him for a sumo wrestler. She asked if he had seen where Christina went, but he had missed her due to being too busy training. Toriko told him to look after CEO Dragon before they parted ways.

Crasher appeared again in Request 07: Children's corner, as he continued to train in the stairwell without blocking the way down. Mondo spoke to him to try and find Shoutaro Kai. After Mondo insulted Shoutaro, Crasher kicked him again. After apologizing to Mondo on the roof, he told him that Shoutaro had gone to meet Mr. Pirate.

Official profiles[edit]

Staying in Room 304.
Trying to restore his lost fighting spirit.
Occupation: Professional Wrestler
Place of Birth: Far East


  • The symbol on El Crasher's mask is 闘 (tataka), the kanji for "struggle" or "fight".


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