Eleven Children

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The Eleven Children are a group of individuals who, as young children, were brought to live in the facility underneath Eleki Island at some point before 1979. All of them were originally from outside of Lospass Island. Under Eleki, seemingly as part of Elbow's Euro Maspro project, several clones of the children known as "stock bodies" were created. Stock bodies are capable of retaining the memories of their previous bodies; theoretically, only one body should be active at a time, allowing one individual to carry on to a new body when necessary. However, there have been occasions in which multiple (or no) bodies are active at once. When not in use, the stock bodies are kept in drawers in the underground facility.

There were many more children who were part of the Euro Maspro project; however, the Eleven were the only survivors. After Lospass was invaded in 1979, the children escaped the facility. It is unknown if this is what lead to them being scattered elsewhere, and if so, how.

Confirmed members[edit]

These are the only four members of the eleven who appear in Flower, Sun, and Rain. Additionally, certain characters use the stock bodies of the eleven children but are distinct characters, such as Sundance Shot to Sumio Mondo, and Sundance MIC to an unknown character, although it may be Koshimizu, as he is the only one of the confirmed children for whom no stock bodies appear otherwise.


In Request 16: Pavane pour une infante défunte, Sundance Ritz gives descriptions of all of the eleven children to Mondo. They are as follows, along with commentary.

  • "The first child always looked so sad. Quiet, and gentle... that child vanished into the light."
  • "The second child was very sarcastic... But had a beautiful heart. Oh, so quick with those hands! That child's mother had it tough. But now her child is doing fine, far away. You'll meet at some point, I'm sure." - Suggested to be Step Sding by a Famitsu article, as well as matching other descriptions in the game.
  • "The third child... I can't recall."
  • "The fourth child was very serious... How nostalgic this all is...! That child is on the Island now." - Being someone on the island, this is likely to either be Remy or Koshi.
  • "The fifth child was the unfortunate type. I cannot see how that one is doing now..."
  • "The sixth child? It seems that child has lost their memory."
  • "The same for the seventh. I cannot see anything."
  • "The eighth child was a little unstable... That child is on the Island too. I wonder if things are better now than they were?" - Being someone on the island, this is likely to either be Remy or Koshi.
  • "The ninth child was strong. I see, that child looks well. Wearing a lovely uniform..."
  • "The tenth child... You must save that child...!"
  • "The eleventh child... You know all about the eleventh, don't you?" - As this line is said to Sumio Mondo, it seems likely that it is referring to him as no other description suggests familiarity.

Other instances of stock bodies[edit]

As shown in #06 white out of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, Mokutaro Shiroyabu has both multiple bodies that retain their own memories, as well as a terrorist character who also inhabits one of his bodies in the form of the Joker. However, Shiroyabu has not been confirmed to be one of the eleven children as of yet.