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The FSO, also known as the Frontier Conservation Alliance, is a political faction of Ward 24 in The Silver Case. It serves as one of the three main factions working behind the scenes in the game's narrative, alongside the TRO and CCO.



The FSO was one of the primary non-governmental organizations that served as the roots of Ward 24's government, alongside the TRO and CCO. As the Kanto government weakened, these non-profit groups became more and more powerful, like political parties. The FSO is referred to as the "frontier faction", and made up the conservative portion of the government. The FSO aimed to topple the feigned balance of power between the TRO and CCO to take control of Ward 24. In reality, all three factions were secretly divisions of one group.

The conflict between the FSO and the TRO/CCO Alliance culminated in the event known as the Silver Case. TRO/CCO Alliance Chairman Ginji Nakane was murdered outside the TTV Station by Kamui Uehara, who had been allegedly hired by the FSO. Kamui then entered the TV Tower, where 10 high-ranking Alliance members were having a secret meeting. The old men of the Alliance killed Kamui, then then eachother, with the last man standing being Uminosuke Hachisuka, who replaced his own eye with Kamui's silver eye, gaining a younger appearance and later taking the place of his son Mayor Kaoru Hachisuka. As a result of this incident, the FSO lost the support of the public and its influence waned overnight. Uminosuke would go on to control aspects of both the Alliance and the FSO.

Following the enactment of the TRO/CCO Alliance's Shelter Kids Policy and Kamui Maspro project, the FSO created an opposing Ayame Maspro, under the name "Project Elbow". They aimed to create female counterparts to the Alliance's Kamui stock, if it were necessary to counter them in the future.

The FSO continued to work in the background during the events of The Silver Case, and orchestrated the return of Kamui Uehara in 1999. By controlling Kamui they hoped to upend the existing balance to take over the Ward's government. After the death of Nezu, Kamui was no longer controlled and this plan failed.