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Kamui Uehara
Other names Kamui Uehara, The Angel of Absolute Zero, King of Crime, The World's Greatest Serial Killer, K
Age 20
Nationality Micronesian (Lospass Island)
Family Mokutaro Shiroyabu (son)
Occupation Assassin, serial killer (All alleged)
Affiliation Sundance Tribe, FSO (Alleged)
Weapon Steel Pipe, Custom Harpoon Guns
Status Deceased
First appearance case#5:lifecut

Kamui Uehara, or Format Kamui, is an important character in the backstory of The Silver Case. He is the original incarnation of Kamui Uehara, who is shrouded in secrecy.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Public information such as that on KamuiNet paints Kamui as a vengeful killer who murdered those who were unable to be punished through the legal system; those whose crimes were covered up or had gotten off free by falling through the cracks in the law. However, according to Tetsugoro Kusabi and others, Kamui was actually an average citizen whose history as a killer was fabricated. Another rumor regarding Kamui's personality is that he was extremely obedient, with his killings being at the behest of the FSO, and that this is why he was used as the template for the Shelter Kids Policy. His true personality is unknown.


Kamui was born on Lospass Island, and at the age of two, his left eye was replaced by a silver eye in accordance with ancient Sundance Tribe rituals. For unknown reasons, he came to Kanto as a teenager. Much of his actions at this time are unknown; if he was truly a killer, it was said that he always committed his crimes in the middle of winter, with several of these cases on record, but his crimes cannot be verified to have truly occurred.

The Joker recounts a story that involved Kamui appearing like a 'mechanical man' at a social function dedicated to the protection of the environment, at which point the guests were shown to worship him. It is likely that this is related to why Kamui was in Kanto in the first place and his possible connection to the FSO. Presumably around this time, Kamui was involved in conceiving Mokutaro Shiroyabu.

In 1979, in the event known as the Silver Case, Kamui was murdered at the TV Tower by the TRO/CCO Alliance members, and his silver eye was stolen by Uminosuke Hachisuka.

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