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This page is for the Heinous Crimes Unit in Ward 24. For the Unit in Ward 25, see 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit. For other Units, see previous Heinous Crimes Units.

The Heinous Crimes Unit is a division of the Police Department of the Administrative Inspection Office of Ward 24 in the world of Kill the Past. It consists of the supporting protagonists, and eventually the main protagonist, of The Silver Case's Transmitter cases. The HC Unit also appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. As the name suggests, the HC Unit deals with particularly dangerous and sadistic crimes such as serial killings, with a particular focus on the eradicating of "transmittable crime". Their members are somewhat unorthodox and unprofessional, yet very efficient, leading to a rivalry with other divisions of the Inspection Office who view the HC Unit as a syndicate or gang of sorts. The HC Unit appears to have jurisdiction over Hinashiro City as well.



The Heinous Crimes Unit was founded in 1990 by five members of the Administrative Inspection Office: the Chief Director Kotobuki, and Kusabi, Morikawa, Ishikawa and Kobayakawa. This was the original HC Unit, and they remained stable for about two years. In 1992, Ishikawa and Kobayakawa were both killed in the case "Royal Nine", in which the HC Unit went up against the Tsubaki Syndicate. By 1994, Sumio Kodai joined the unit, and over the next few years Kusabi, Morikawa, Kodai, and new members Chizuru and Naka solidified as a team. The Unit was split into two sub-Units: Unit 1, the support team and main administration, consisting of Naka, Chizuru and Morikawa, and Unit 2, the on-site investigators, consisting of Kusabi and Kodai.

During the events of The Silver Case, Akira is recruited into Unit 2 after the near-destruction of Republic, and he assists in their investigations. Following Kodai's arrest, however, Unit 2 is dissolved and the Unit becomes singular again. Kotobuki also receives a promotion in the AI Office, which makes Naka the new Chief Director. Central, due to their unfavorable assessment of the Unit, sends two new agents, Kenta and Sakura. After this, the Unit begins to break apart due to Kusabi and Morikawa acting on secret information; they vanish and Naka orders his agents to hunt them down and kill them. Over the course of the rest of case#5:lifecut, most of the Unit kills eachother in a series of violent confrontations.

By the end of the bloodbath, the only main members of the Unit to make it out alive are Kusabi, Akira and Sakura. Kusabi, no longer being hunted, returns to work. Sakura becomes Akira's new commanding officer; they rebuild the Unit with new agents such as Remy and Koshimizu. This reformed Unit, rather than being manipulated by the various factions, proactively goes after Elbow. Sumio is also re-hired after the events of Flower, Sun, and Rain.

During the time of The 25th Ward, the culture of Ward 24 has changed drastically; the rate of violent crime has plummeted, leading to the HC Unit being seen as unnecessary. Sumio comments that the kinds of crime that occur there are "invisible cases", crimes with no physical body; an example of this is seen during the #04 digital man case, with the HC Unit fighting against Kosuke Kurumizawa, a man who literally has no physical body. The HC Unit takes on even more bizarre methodology to deal with these cases, such as Sumio entering metaphysical spaces and conversing with seemingly inhuman entities, or Chiruko using ESP to scan a crime scene.

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