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History of 24th Ward (incorrectly translated as "History of 24 Wards") is a timeline published on The Silver Case's official website. It covers events related to Ward 24 starting from the Silver Case itself, to some of the events occurring during the game, to further cases taking place after Flower, Sun, and Rain. Many events and cases listed on the timeline have not been explicitly referenced in the games themselves. It can be read here. Although currently hosted on the new site put up for the HD release, it was originally written for the PS1 version's site and was updated at least once following the game's release.


This is a abridged version of the timeline meant as a brief overview. For all the details, please see the official website.

  • 03/1979: The Silver Case
  • 01/1980: Ward 24 recognized by the government as a Special Administrative Region.
  • 02/1980: Kaoru Hachisuka is appointed as the first mayor of Ward 24.
  • 04/1980: Residents begin moving into the Ward 24 Special Administrative Region.
  • First "Shelter Kids" Project
  • 04/1984: Second "Shelter Kids" Project
  • 11/1990: Establishment of the Heinous Crimes Unit
  • 02/1991: "Running Off"
  • 11/1992: "Royal Nine" Tsubaki Syndicate Conflict
  • 12/1994: "Power Girl"
  • 12/1996: "Still Town"
  • 10/1997: "Moon"
  • 07/1998: "Gas Kids" Exhaust Fume Serial Murder Case
  • 01/1999: "Pre-Lunatic"
  • case#0:lunatics onward----
  • 05/1999: "After Kamui" Copycat
  • 10/1999: Recurrence
  • case#5:lifecut onward----
  • 2000~
  • "Lovers" Bonnie & Clyde
  • "Mondo & Land"
  • "Hyena Shot" Genichiro Hara the Hitman
  • "Life & Money"
  • "Animal Hunting"
  • "Door Lock"
  • "Angel X"
  • "Triple Kiss"
  • "Cut Doctor"
  • "Call"


  • The text for "Recurrence" describes the state of Ward 24 as it already is by the time of the beginning of the game, with the text taken from the exposition scenes in lunatics; it is unknown why this is written under 10/1999.
  • An older version of the timeline only had two cases after 2000: "Lovers", and another one before it that was removed from later versions. This case took place in January 2000, and was based around the Y2K bug. It was headed by Sakura Natsume. As it is not listed anymore, it can be presumed that it is likely no longer canon.