Kamui's Children

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Kamui's Children
Kamui children.png
Age Unknown
Nationality Japanese
Family Kamui Fujiwara, Yuriko Sonoda, Yuka Kawai, Kei Nanami
Status Alive
First appearance case#1:decoyman

Kamui's Children are three characters in The Silver Case. They are the children of Kamui Fujiwara with Yuriko Sonoda, Yuka Kawai, and Kei Nanami.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kamui's children look like regular Japanese children. The younger girl is seen wearing a yellow shirt with a large pocket, and a long-sleeved green undershirt. The older girl is seen wearing a red and black striped sweater. The boy wears a dog-themed hoodie and carries around a stuffed rabbit.

Not much is known about their personalities, and they sometimes speak in cryptic terms. However they show concern for the life of their unborn sibling.


Kamui's children were born sometime in the years before case#1:decoyman, fathered by Kamui Fujiwara with Yuriko Sonoda, Yuka Kawai, and Kei Nanami. Starting on March 27th, 1999, Ayame Shimohira began systematically murdering the mothers for having been in a relationship with Kamui. At the time she was also pregnant with his fourth child. After their mothers died, the children were drawn to the Shelters, similar to the one their father lived in as a child. Ayame planned to kill the children as well, but found herself unable to go through with it.

At 7:50pm on April 10th, 1999, Sumio Kodai and Akira tracked down Ayame to the Shelter Exhibition Hall, and began checking each shelter to find her. Akira first met the younger daughter, who said she was searching for her missing mother in the shelters. Next, he met the older daughter, who is searching for her missing doll. Then, Akira met the son, who says he is hiding from a "scary person". Finally, Ayame is cornered in Shelter 5 and enters a stand-off with Sumio. She tells him about her abandoned plan to kill the children, and eventually turns the gun on herself. The three children appear and beg her not to shoot herself, since they can hear their brother inside of her laughing. Ayame drops the gun as the children stand around her. According to Morichika Nakategawa, after the ordeal Kamui's children were put into a facility. It is unknown what happened to them, or to Ayame's unborn child.


  • It is unclear which of Kamui's children belongs to which of the three mothers. However it is possible that the older girl is the daughter of Yuka Kawai, since she mentions her missing doll, and a doll is found near the site of Yuka's body. These are the only two mentions of a doll in the chapter.
  • The children are always found in the same order, however the locations where they are found can be different depending on the player's actions. For example, the first child can be found in either Shelter 2 or Shelter 4, depending on which one the player searches first.


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