Kamui Fujiwara

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Kamui Fujiwara
Other names Kamui Uehara
Age 24
Nationality Japanese
Family Kamui's Children
Occupation Assassin (supposedly)
Weapon Custom Harpoon Guns
Status Deceased
First appearance case#1:decoyman

Kamui Fujiwara (藤原 カムイ, Fujiwara Kamui) is a character in The Silver Case. He is usually referred to as Kamui Uehara; the name Fujiwara originates from case#4.5:face, and is used here as a means of differentiation. He is a shelter kid and the current incarnation of Kamui during the events of The Silver Case.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kamui wears an entirely white outfit. It visually resembles Ward 24's prison uniform, but is more complex and functional. Kamui is aphasic and hyposthenic, which means that he is incapable of speech or most other communication and is very weak. The closest he comes to verbal communication is mouthing out the word "shelter". He is mostly docile and is incapable of taking care of himself. In the past, it is suggested that he did have several professional and sexual relationships and was able to create art alongside his partner Ayame Shimohira. This may or may not have been before actually becoming Kamui. In case#5:lifecut, he is reactivated and begins killing government officials.


"Kamui Fujiwara" was one of the children who grew up in the Shelter as part of the Shelter Kids Policy. At some point, he became selected to become the next body for Kamui Uehara. His name and identity were changed and he was eventually put into the IMM Hospital, where he underwent counseling by Yuriko Sonoda.

In case#1:decoyman, Kamui was found to have escaped the hospital, and it was initially believed that he was killing young women in Ward 24. However, it was eventually discovered by the Heinous Crimes Unit that the killings were being carried out by Ayame Shimohira, who had broken Kamui out of the hospital herself and tied him up in the art studio Gladiolus. Kamui was found to be incapable of speaking or taking care of himself, let alone killing, and he was brought back to the 24 Precinct. Morichika Nakategawa investigated and found information from the FSO that indicated that Kamui was born in the Shelter; it was previously believed that Kamui grew up in Cape Kamui, a cape in Hokkaido. He was eventually returned to captivity.

Kamui remained dormant for much of the rest of the year. Despite this, several other characters turned their interests to Kamui; Tokio Morishima took on a job to research and write about him, and people such as Kaiji Enzawa and the Method Tank proclaimed interests in Kamui, who became a savior figure in the society of Ward 24 (although most did not know the difference between this incarnation of Kamui and Kamui in itself). This all culminated in November of 1999, in case#5:lifecut, when Kamui was reactivated, escaped from the hospital and began to kill government officials once again. He gained more popularity than ever before, especially with the youth, and this counter-cultural movement gained enough traction to even be the subject of a short TV special documentary. The primary justification for this from the youth was the belief that Kamui embodied purpose and perfection beyond what people are able to accomplish in modern society, regardless of the fact that his purpose was to commit murder.

At the end of November, the Heinous Crimes Unit hunted down Kamui at the IEDU Building. They chased him to the roof, on top of which he was shot to death by several snipers. It is possible that the purpose of this brutal execution was to kill Kamui in the minds of the people to quell the counter-cultural movement; it is also suggested that it was to ensure that the body could not be examined closely.


  • The name Kamui is written in katakana (カムイ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (可夢偉, 華夢衣, 華夢威, 夏夢生, 加夢意 or 嘉夢威), it could possibly mean:
    • 可夢偉 - "passable" (可) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "admirable, greatness, remarkable, conceited, famous, excellent" (偉) (i).
    • 華夢衣 - "flower, petal" (華) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "clothing, garment" (衣) (i).
    • 華夢威 - "flower, petal" (華) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "prestige, authority, power, dignity, influence, vigor, merit, stature, virtue, pride, dominance, ascendancy/ascendency, ascendance/ascendence, impression, in, domination, mastery, potence/potency, lordship, grasp, control, whip hand, might, force, vis, puissance" (威) (i).
    • 夏夢生 - "summer" (夏) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "life, living" (生) (i).
    • 加夢意 - "add, increase" (加) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "intent/intention, attention, wish, purpose, consideration, notice, regard, desire, thought, volition, aim, liking, vein, cognizance, advertence/advertency, count, taste, relish, addiction, bent, gusto, predisposition, vocation, temptation, predilection, proclivity, leaning, flair, aptitude, habit, tendency, object" (意) (i).
    • 嘉夢威 - "applaud, praise, esteem, happy, auspicious" (嘉) (ka), "dream, vision" (夢) (mu) and "prestige, authority, power, dignity, influence, vigor, merit, stature, virtue, pride, dominance, ascendancy/ascendency, ascendance/ascendence, impression, in, domination, mastery, potence/potency, lordship, grasp, control, whip hand, might, force, vis, puissance" (威) (i).
  • Kamui's surname means "wisteria" (藤) (fuji) and "field, plain" (原) (hara/wara).


  • Kamui Fujiwara is also the name of a character designer and manga artist in real life.
  • This incarnation of Kamui is usually the one used as the face of Kamui on promotional materials such as the Suda51 Official Complete Book.


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