Kana Makino

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Kana Makino
Age 22
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Model, Actress
Status Deceased
First appearance Case #4.5 FACE

Kana Makino (牧野 かな, Makino Kana) is a character in The Silver Case: Case #4.5 FACE. She is a former classmate of Sakura Natsume, who is now a model. She believes she is being targeted by stalkers.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kana is described as a young woman with light brown hair and a shapely figure. She is flashy and loves to be the center of attention, but she is smarter than she lets on. She is a solid, hard-working woman, and her strength of will is what makes her relate to Sakura.


Kana Makino was a friend of Sakura Natsume from their high-school days. After graduating junior college, she began work as a magazine model. Later she began appearing in commercials and receiving minor roles in TV dramas. A short time prior to the events of Case #4.5 FACE, she attended a birthday party for an industry colleague. There she met Minato Sawaguchi, and they began dating.

In October of 1999, she and Sakura reconnected over dinner at an Italian restaurant. They discussed Sakura's training to become a special agent, and discussed the recent killings by Jack The Ripper. Kana mentioned her boyfriend, although Sakura did not hear all of the details due to thinking about her recent meeting with Sumio Kodai. Over the next two days, Kana began to feel like she was being stalked. She called Sakura, and left a message telling her she felt she was being followed. Sakura later left a message in reply, urging her to be careful and avoid going out alone. Three hours later, around 9:00 PM, she left a glamour shoot and parked in the underground lot of her apartment. There she met Minato, who claimed to be meeting her as a surprise. He then threatened her with a knife and kidnapped her. After bringing her behind a nearby bakery, Minato hoped to find out if she was an Ayame copy from the Shelter Kids Policy. After finding out she wasn't, Kana was murdered by Minato by slitting her throat. Her time of death was approximately 9:20 PM. She was left on the ground, with her arms folded over her body, and a cross carved into her forehead.

Her body was discovered at 4:00 AM the next morning by one of the bakery workers. Her death was investigated by the Heinous Crimes Unit as one of the murders by Jack The Ripper, a serial killer exclusively targetting 22-year old girls. Her death was reported to Sakura by Morichika Nakategawa, which led to Sakura independently investigating the case.

Official profiles[edit]

A classmate of Sakura Natsume in their high school days. After graduating from junior college, she works as a magazine model. She has been targeted by stalkers. (Case #4.5 FACE profile)


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