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Kanto is the primary setting of the majority of the games in the "Kill the Past" series. It is a real-life region of Honshu, Japan, but in most of Kill the Past, Japan is rarely mentioned as a location (although it is indirectly referred to by the word "Japanese", referring to both the race and language). Instead, Kanto is almost always used when referring to the greater area. It is unknown if Kanto is an independent nation in the games' world or if there is another reason for this choice.


  • The 23 wards: The 23 wards are a group of 23 cities that, in real life, make up a good chunk of the Tokyo Metropolis. They are rarely referred to in Kill the Past, but their existence is implied through the prominent additional cities that continue the ward numbering onward past 23. According to Tokio Morishima's business card, he used to live in the 15th Ward, Suginami. Like Japan, the word Tokyo is practically never mentioned in the series, with the business card being the only exception. Akihabara, a real area in the 1st Ward, is visited briefly in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.
  • Ward 24: The main setting of The Silver Case and a further addition to the 23 wards. According to certain map images from soundtrack booklets, it appears to take up the rest of the real-world Tokyo Metropolis not taken up by the 23 wards. Ward 24 was apparently planned to become a new center of power for the national government.
  • Ward 25: The main setting of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, which bears its name. Another additional ward, this time on the coast, presumably in the Kanto bay area. Mayor Kenichiro Mikoshiba wanted to make the 25th Ward an independent nation. Re-designated 0 Ward after its destruction.
  • Ward 26: A ward that is still being built during the time of the series, it is also by the water. Referred to as the "Kanto Suburbs" at present.
  • Ward 27: A ward that exists in the far future, currently only mentioned in one ending of #07 black out.
  • Hinashiro City: A neighboring city to the north-west of Ward 24 and the main setting of Twilight Syndrome and Moonlight Syndrome.
  • Shimokita: A popular city near Hinashiro.
  • Mikumo 77: An industrial town, the hometown of Sumio Kodai. It was eventually abandoned and destroyed.
  • Ershiwu Long City: A densely-packed area compared to the real Kowloon Walled City. It is right by 0 Ward.
  • "The sticks": Unspecified rural areas occasionally referred to in passing. Supposedly where Mokutaro Shiroyabu comes from.