Ken Sakurabi

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Ken Sakurabi
Ken art.png
Other names Ken Sakurapee
Nationality Micronesian (Lospass Island)
Occupation Bike Messenger
Status Alive
First appearance Request 09: Rhapsody in Blue

Ken Sakurabi is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a bike messenger that operates across Lospass Island. He also helps out at Mati Sding's diner.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ken is a young man with dyed green hair and piercings. He is usually friendly, but can become frustrated if pushed enough. He is very grateful to Mati for all that she's done for him, and wants to look after her. He also likes Mondo, and thinks of him as a brother. Ken has extremely good eyesight, and is able to see people from very far away. He claims that this is the case for everyone on the island.



Ken Sakurabi grew up on Lospass Island, and was childhood friends with Step Sding. He works as a bike messenger, and helps out Mati Sding at her diner.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Ken first appears in Request 09: Rhapsody in Blue, when Sumio Mondo comes across him and his broken bike at Power Beach. He explains that his bike is broken, and expresses annoyance when Mondo calls his "bike" a "bicycle". He recognizes Mondo as the "handyman" that Edo Macalister ordered, and asks him to help fix it. Mondo uses an article in the guidebook to adjust the bike's gear ratio to repair it. After thanking Mondo, he invited him to have a meal at Mati's diner, and left Mondo behind as he rode to it. After arriving at the diner, he found that Mati wasn't there yet. He told Mondo that he was worried and asked him to check on Mati while he opened up.

Sometime later, Ken met Toriko Kusabi while she was chasing after Christina. He said he didn't know where Chris was, but that if he found her on his route, he'd come let her know. However he didn't know where he would be able to find Toriko to tell her.

Ken appeared again in Request 10: I Love You, Porgy, meeting Mondo outside of the diner. Mondo left to search for Daizaburo Kai's missing item, and told Ken he would be back. Ken spotted Step across the beach, and warned Mondo about his pickpocketing, and not to underestimate him.

Ken appears multiple times in Request 14: Träumerei, when Mondo is made to run back and forth across the island to help Gunji Takaoka. To save time, Mondo steals Ken's bike, making him late to the diner where he is chewed out by Mati. After ditching the bike where he first stole it and coming back, Mondo finds Ken again who scolds Mondo for stealing it. Ken expresses his gratitude to Mondo before, and says that he wants to trust him, but Mondo steals the bike again. Mondo meets Ken a third time, and Ken invites him to steal the bike. He fabricates a story that the bike is cursed, and if it is ridden three times, the rider will lose all his money. Mondo steals the bike anyway.

Ken's final appearance is in Request 18: An American in Paris, when he meets up with Mondo to give him Giggs. He's found standing by the gate leading to the Lospass Airport, while accompanied by a talking purple crocodile. He tells Mondo that he'll look after Mati until Step gets back, and asks him to come back to see them sometime.

Official profiles[edit]

A kind youth who cares for Mati.
Wants to work in the city.
Occupation: Bike Messenger
Place of Birth: Lospass Island


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