Kiyoshi Morikawa

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Kiyoshi Morikawa
Age 38
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Detective
Affiliation Heinous Crimes Unit
Weapon BEBETTAa M92F
Status Deceased
First appearance case#1:decoyman

Kiyoshi Morikawa is a character in The Silver Case. He is a detective in the Heinous Crimes Unit and has been a member since the group's inception.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Morikawa has a confounding personality to most, as he is often perceived as lazy, strange or volatile. He is at times rude or aggressive, but not nearly as frequently as his friend and colleague Tetsugoro Kusabi. Morikawa is actually a very skilled veteran investigator, and tends to be doing more work behind-the-scenes than others would realize. He has a troubled relationship with his partner, Chizuru Hachisuka, but they harbor feelings for each other.



Morikawa comforting Chizuru
Morikawa, shot dead by Kusabi

Morikawa was originally one of Kusabi's colleagues in the Regional Investigation Unit, and later became one of the founding members of the HC Unit. During the events of The Silver Case, Morikawa is doing an investigation into the truth about the Silver Case for Shinji Kotobuki. This information is referred to as "Silver Case reports", but this investigation is kept in the background of the group's main cases.

In November of 1992, Sawa Kobayakawa and Shigeo Ishikawa were killed by the Tsubaki Syndicate. Morikawa and Kusabi took revenge against the syndicate, and made Tsubaki himself take responsibility. In December of 1996, Morikawa and Kusabi headed the "Still Town" case, during which they closed off and cleaned areas that had devolved into slums. The two completely wiped out a group of young criminals.

The Silver Case[edit]

Morikawa first appears in case#1:decoyman in the sewers, investigating the body of Yuka Kawai with most of the rest of the Unit. He also delivers a letter to Kusabi from Ryu Munakata. Morikawa's biggest role is in case#2:spectrum, in which he irritates Chizuru with his treatment of her, prompting her to attempt to get him transferred. Kotobuki refuses, and Morikawa and Chizuru deal with their strained relationship in the background of the case. It is also implied that they have been having sexual relations. Around the same time Morikawa is tasked with Akira's induction into the Heinous Crimes Unit, in which he administers the 100 Question Kumite. In case#3:parade Morikawa aids in the Yukimura investigation behind the scenes making brief appearances. Morikawa is next seen in case#4:kamuidrome discussing recent missing persons cases with Nakategawa. He displays a more lecherous side of his personality while watching popular idol Sayaka Bayan's tapped apartment and is taken aback by Chizuru's harshness following Bayan's suicide. He later watches the Method Tank countdown with the other HCU detectives.

Morikawa makes his first appearance in case#5:lifecut during the HCU raid on the IEDU Building. He tells Akira and Sakura Natsume that he has been tasked with killing Kusabi by the late Kotobuki. He then goes on to discuss the true nature of Kamui but quickly stops himself. He is later seen at the underground platform Thanatos where he urges Akira to "Seek out Kamui with your mind's eye." and claims this will be their last meeting due to a coming war. He tells Akira that everything is written down in his notebook, which he had earlier entrusted to Tokio Morishima. Following his conversation with Akira he is shot in the head and killed by Kusabi.


In Flower, Sun, and Rain, Tokio reveals that the notebook he received from his "friend with the shades" was actually blank. He would later come to realize that Morikawa wished for him to "succeed" him. In their last conversation, he told Tokio "Keep at it, don't give up".

Official profiles[edit]

A companion of Kusabi since the days they worked together as regional agents. Morikawa is a veteran who has served in the HC Unit since its inception. Calm and collected, he is an efficient and talented agent. His colleagues think him somewhat temperamental due to often being absent from the office, unable to locate his whereabouts. At scuh a time, however, he is to be found at the scene of the crime, conducting thorough investigating in search of valuable evidence. His efforts may go unnoticed, but acquiring information firsthand proves to be an effective approach when it comes to solving cases. He does not hesitate to offer whatever support he can for his team, but looks like he has seen some things that he would not want to talk about to anyone. (Official site profile)
Joined the HC Unit together with Kusabi from the time it was established. One of the oldest members, having learned the basics of investigation from Kotobuki. Known for his excellent investigation work, he is a support specialist. (case#1:decoyman profile)


  • Even though Morikawa shows himself to be a calm and nonchalant person, he is just as violent and dangerous as Tetsugoro Kusabi.
  • Morikawa apparently plays Mahjong with Riley Kawabata.


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