Kurayami Dance

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Cover of volume 1
Cover of volume 2

Kurayami Dance (暗闇ダンス) is a 2015-2016 manga written by Goichi Suda and illustrated by Syuji Takeya. It is based off of Kurayami, the game concept that was eventually changed into Shadows of the DAMNED. It was serialized in the magazine Comic Beam and released in collected form in two volumes. It can be read scanlated into English here.

Although it does not have a clear continuity with Suda's games, it reuses several characters and concepts from them, and characters and concepts from Kurayami Dance have since been used in Suda's subsequent games.


Kurayami Dance follows an undertaker named Kaido Wataru who reaches the speed of 300 km/h on his motorcycle and subsequently crashes. Awakening from the accident three years later, he finds that most of the people in his city have moved into a new nation within Japan called the Kurogane Kingdom. He shortly ends up venturing into the kingdom due to a job from his boss to deliver a coffin to the Kurogane royal family.