Linda Vermillion

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Linda Vermillion
Nationality American (apparently)
Occupation Assassin
Weapon Sniper rifle
Status Alive
First appearance Target05: Smile
Played by Jennifer Hale

Linda Vermillion is a character in killer7. She is an assassin who briefly serves as the Smith Syndicate's second informant.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Linda Vermillion is an adult woman with burgundy hair and dark gray eyes. In her sole appearance, she wore a black sun hat, a black dress with an extremely plunged neckline that reached her waist, and black high heels.

A cryptic woman, she approaches Garcian Smith and gives him his "last job" and that he will soon know who she is. She states that she is a protector of the country, though she is disdainful of the United States government.


In Target05: Smile on December 16th, 2011, Linda assassinated Christopher Mills in his new car, which had been previously under the ownership of Gabriel Clemence. Later on, she met with Garcian at the overpass, where she explained the deed she had done earlier that day. She then gave him what she called his last job, and walked off into the snow.

Official profiles[edit]

Linda Vermillion

"Use your eyes to decipher how the system works."

(1) She is the one who kills Mills; afterward, she is his successor.

(2) She describes herself as "a protector of this country."
(Hand in killer7)


  • Her name is spelled Vermillion as opposed to the correct spelling of Vermilion.
  • Her outfit seems to be a reference to Nami Matsushima, the lead character of the Female Convict Scorpion series of Japanese exploitation films, specifically her appearance in the third film of the series: Beast Stable.
  • Linda tells Garcian "you'll soon know who I am", and when Garcian points a gun at her, "see? you already know". However, no more information on Linda is presented anywhere else in the game.