Maria Nicharesuk

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Maria Nicharesuk
Maria art.png
Nationality Eastern European
Occupation Angel
Status Alive
First appearance Request 04: 'S Wonderful

Maria Nicharesuk is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. She is a hotel guest on Lospass Island, who is secretly an angel.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Maria is an alcoholic, acting completely different when she is drunk. She is normally a level-headed angel, just trying to enjoy a vacation from her normal duties.



Maria Nicharesuk is an angel employed under Lucifer, and works on sensitive data with her computer. Bored of her job, she eventually found herself at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain as an escape. After her computer was infected and destroyed by the Earthquake virus, she began drinking and had a change of personality.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Maria appears in Request 04: 'S Wonderful, blocking Sumio Mondo's access to the stairwell. She started ranting incoherently about a vampire, and asked Mondo to find her a vampire-killing weapon. She was then hand-delivered a Silver Bullet cocktail by Stuart Rock, but was unsatisfied and demanded something more refreshing. When Mondo returned she had no memory of their previous encounter, and told him she wanted to experience August. After being delivered a Summer Feeling cocktail by Rock, she regained her sanity and asked to speak with Mondo.

She apologized to him for her behavior earlier, and asked him to try and find a password to un-compress a virus buster to fix her computer, which had been infected with the "Earthquake" virus. She had forgotten the password, and it was hidden deep in her subconscious. Maria's computer was destroyed, after which she met with Mondo in Room 407. She revealed that the computer was broken before Mondo touched it, and that she was just using him to pass the time. She told Mondo that she was an angel struggling with the IT revolution. After their conversation, Maria flew out of the window, and collided with the plane as it exploded.

While chasing after Christina, Toriko Kusabi bumped into Maria in the stairwell. She seemed to have no knowledge of Chris passing by. She offered Toriko some milk, which she was drinking due to being tired from flying. After this the two parted ways.

Official profiles[edit]

Staying in Room 407. A few drinks and she's a completely different woman.
Occupation: Angel
Place of Birth: Eastern Europe


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