Minato Sawaguchi

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Minato Sawaguchi
Other names Jack the Ripper
Age 22
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Physician
Status Deceased
First appearance Case #4.5 FACE

Minato Sawaguchi (沢口 みなと, Sawaguchi Minato) is a character in The Silver Case: Case #4.5 FACE. He is a physician working at a general hospital in Ward 24. He is actually a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Minato's outward personality is shy and cheerful. On the inside, his mind is warped from his role as a "Kamui copy". This caused him to develop a dissociative identity that takes on the role of a serial killer, hoping to find an Ayame copy that can kill him. Minato expresses regret at the actions of his other identity, and tries to fight against it.


Minato was one of 1440 boys chosen to become a "Kamui copy" as part of the Shelter Kids Policy. He spent a year living in the Triangle Towers complex, which led to him developing a dissociative identity. This other personality stayed with him throughout his life, committing acts without his knowledge. The personality slowly became more dominant as he started to "break". In elementary school, he pushed a fellow student out of a window, and the child was too scared to tell anyone. He later killed his own pet dog. Minato began studying psychiatry to try and learn more about his condition. His investigation led him to his university's database, where he discovered documents pertaining to the Shelter Kids Policy. After becoming aware of it, he was convinced that the only one capable of "killing" the Kamui inside him was an Ayame copy.

Minato then became a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper. He exclusively targeted women who were 22-years-old, an age consistent with the time of the Shelter Kids Policy. After confronting the women and learning they were not his "messiah", his other personality took over and killed them. His victims all had their throats slit with a sharp blade, and their bodies left with their arms folded over their chests and a cross carved into their foreheads. After his second murder, the Heinous Crimes Unit began to mobilize on the case. Around this time, Minato attended a birthday party where he met Kana Makino, and they began dating. In reality, he was targeting her as his next victim.

In October of 1999, Minato bumped into Sakura Natsume on the first floor of his hospital. The two started a conversation, where he learned she was a police trainee. After the two were introduced, he was recommended by Sakura to visit Chinami Otomo's diner. That night he began following Kana, who noticed and called Sakura to voice her concerns about a potential stalker. At 9:00 PM, Kana parked in her apartment's underground lot after leaving a glamour shoot. Minato was waiting for her there, and claimed that he just wanted to surprise her. After taking her hostage with a knife, he took Kana behind a nearby bakery and killed her after learning she wasn't an Ayame copy.

He later killed his fourth victim, a woman who lived alone and had no family. During this attack he injured his finger, and cut off a small piece of the woman's hair. He later visited Chinami's diner multiple times, and asked her about Sakura. Chinami avoiding divulging any information. Ten days after Kana's funeral, Minato met Sakura again at the diner. The two ate together, and Sakura discussed her dream about the Christmas tree-shaped towers, which related to her past as a Shelter Kid. He invited Sakura on a date, and drove her home. Some time later, he placed a letter for Sakura in her apartment's mailbox, which read "Is the messiah coming?". The envelope contained the piece of hair from his previous victim.

Several days later, Minato arrived at Sakura's apartment just as she was planning to meet with Tetsugoro Kusabi. She cancelled the date, but he offered to drive her to her destination. While on the way there, he took a detour to a building he claimed that his parents owned, to show Sakura the view from the roof. On the roof, he remarked that the Symbol Tower looked like a Christmas tree. He grabbed Sakura, claiming she was the "messiah" that he was looking for. He told her about his past, and how he discovered that he was a Kamui copy. After briefly taking back control again, he told Sakura to run, and she fled down the fire escape. He took the elevator down, and climbed the stairs to meet her. He asked her to kill the Kamui inside him before he "breaks". After she refused, he attempted to attack Sakura again. The police arrived as he grabbed Sakura and prepared to kill her. Minato took control back from his other personality momentarily, and killed himself by slitting his own throat.

Official profiles[edit]

A 26-year-old young man who works at a general hospital in Ward 24 as a physician. Usually quiet, he is the owner of a gentle personality. (Case #4.5 FACE profile)


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