Missing girl

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Missing girl
Nationality Japanese
Status Alive
First appearance case#4:kamuidrome

The Missing girl is a character in The Silver Case. She is a high-school student who is drawn into the world of the Internet and disappears. She is a minor character in the events of case#4:kamuidrome.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The missing girl starts of as a normal high-schooler who begins to confide in the Internet. After being drawn to the dark parts of the web, she adopts a more adult persona and ventures outside of her house. After going missing, her style changed again and she began speaking with beings from another dimension. She is annoyed by people confusing her with Neutral, since she is much younger than her. She also calls the Method Tank duo "clowns", and disagrees with their ideals. She seems to have a crush on Morichika Nakategawa, and tries to comfort him.


The missing girl is a high-school student who discovers friends on the Internet. At first she made friends all over the world, and used them as an outlet for her secrets. Eventually she discovered a dark side to the Internet, and was drawn to it. She started wearing trendy clothes and began to explore the nightlife outside. After a while, a guide approached her with a flier that directer her to the Dark Angel webite, and said that if she waited a week, the world would be hers. While waiting she started to grow hopelessly lost. On the final day, she was sitting in front of her computer in a trance. She received a message that said "I need you. You're special, I need you." After this, she disappeared. She was directed to the Kinjo Building, but when she arrived everyone had already left.

Morichika Nakategawa was asked to take on her missing-persons case. He became familiar with her story by searching the Internet, and learned about her entire life. The girl had actually been monitoring Naka as well, and witnessed him crying after the death of Sayaka Baian. Naka introduced her story to the other members of the Heinous Crimes Unit, but they had little interest in pursuing it. The case was assigned to Akira, who began searching the Internet and visiting clubs to locate her. Akira traced her steps and after waiting one week, was invited to the Kinjo Building. On the fourth floor, the girl was waiting for him. She told Akira about her identity, and how she had been watching Naka. She also expressed annoyance that some people thought Neutral was her. She told Akira about her group's plan to visit another dimension. She realized that the others have forgiven her tardiness, and she told Akira goodbye as she disappeared into the other dimension.


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