Morichika Nakategawa

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Morichika Nakategawa
Other names Mad Nobleman
Age 35
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Detective
HC Unit Chief Director (as of case#5:lifecut)
Affiliation Heinous Crimes Unit
International Feminist Confederation (possible)
Weapon Sig Pro
Status Deceased
First appearance case#1:decoyman

Morichika Nakategawa is a character in The Silver Case. He is a detective of the Heinous Crimes Unit who tends to conduct investigation from the office at the 24 Precinct.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nakategawa is an eccentric loner who hates working in groups. He has a serious demeanor and keeps the other detectives on-track when they get into arguments; he also uses his connections for the sake of diplomatic correspondence with other groups. Naka has a professional appearance, always wearing expensive suits and keeping his hair slicked-back. Naka is the most tech-savvy of the HC Unit detectives, and seems to have friends and connections over the Internet.

In his confrontation with Ryu Munakata, Naka is shown to be even colder, demanding that Munakata "talk or die". He also claims to have killed 20 people before. It would seem that Nakategawa's true allegiances lie with the FSO or some other higher purpose, but Sakura Natsume claims that Naka is actually more upset than anyone over having to "take out his friends" in the HCU.

It is strongly suggested that Nakategawa is a pedophile. Most explicitly, when asked if he's into Chizuru, he says he's into "younger" girls (with quotation marks). (In the Japanese script, he outright uses the word 'lolicon'.)



Nakategawa was a high-ranking member of the FSO frontier faction, and participated in the Ayame Maspro portion of the Shelter Kids Policy. At some point he worked for the Public Security Department, and as an undercover specialist in the Department of Intelligence, before joining the Heinous Crimes Unit some time in the 1990s. As part of Unit 1, he provided support for Unit 2's on-site investigations. In October of 1997, he investigated a series of serial murders of high school girls, of which the school principal turned out to be the culprit. At an unknown point he tutored the rookie HCU member Yoshimitsu Koshimizu.

The Silver Case[edit]

On March 29th, 1999, Naka briefed the other HCU members on the events surrounding the murder of Yuriko Sonoda, and her relationship with her assumed killer Kamui Uehara. On April 29th, he informed the others that Ayame Shimohira had admitted to the string of murders, and would likely receive the death pentalty. He also relayed information on Kamui's past in the Shelters. Naka was later assigned to the investigation of a threatening letter received by Chairman Yukimura. He played a minor support role in the events of case#2:spectrum and case#3:parade.

On August 22nd, Naka briefed the HCU members on the recent disappearances connected to Internet crimes. He told them the story of the missing girl, who had been drawn into the city's night-life before mysteriously disappearing. He tasked Akira with finding the girl. On August 24th, Naka purchased two passwords to a candid live-feed of the idol Sayaka Baian, which he also recorded to sell later. According to the missing girl, Naka cried after learning of Baian's suicide. The next day, he informed the team about the details of the suicide and the arrest of the hardcore Baian fan-club. On September 9th, Naka told the team about the emergence of Method Tank, and watched the end of the countdown.

On November 30th, Naka briefed the others on Unit 2's dissolution, his promotion to Chief Director of the HC Unit, and the addition of Sakura Natsume and Kenta Mikoshiba to the team. He then informed them of the plan to lead Kamui to the roof of the IEDU Building. After learning of Shinji Kotobuki's death, he ordered Mikoshiba to dispose of Tetsugoro Kusabi. That night he provided remote support for the operation, directing Akira and Sakura to patrol different floors. On December 24th, he instructed Sakura and Mikoshiba to eliminate Kusabi and Kiyoshi Morikawa for abandoning their mission. Later that night, he met with Ryu Munakata at the Harakiri Batting Center. He questioned Munakata about his allegience to the TRO, and the whereabouts of Kusabi and Morikawa. While holding Munakata at gunpoint, he told him about his role in the Shelter Kids Policy, and that in reality all of the factions are just part of one group. Before Naka could pull the trigger, he was shot and killed by Munakata.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Nakategawa was briefly mentioned in Request 12: I Got Rhythm by Koshimizu, who recalled his training under Naka.

Official profiles[edit]

Nakategawa is a man who always has his hair slicked back, wears ironed shirts, and gives off a well-groomed impression. He hates working as a group and often insists on working alone. However, since he used to work in the public sector he has connections to be found in each and every area and can ensure communications with neighboring parties go smoothly. He focuses more on investigating from the police department than searching for clues at the scene of a crime. He does not usually speak with Kusabi as they are polar-opposites, but goes out of his way to offer Sumio assistance. Or perhaps from another angle you could say he is assisting Kusabi through Sumio. (The Silver Case site description)
An eccentric man who usually works investigations alone. Originally from the Public Security Department, he has connections all over the place. He's also close with neighboring juristictions, and supports investigations with his own info. His trademarks are his slicked-back hair and pressed shirts. (case#1:decoyman profile)


  • In Moonlight Syndrome, a character named Nakategawa from a real TV show is mentioned offhand at one point. This character may be Nakategawa's namesake.


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