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Mr. Pirate, also known as El Soulfight, is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a former professional wrestler who is training El Crasher, and a guest at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mr. Pirate is a passionate former wreslter. He often goes on long esoteric rants about what it means to wrestle. He speaks with a stereotypical pirate accent. As El Soulfight, he is seen wearing red trunks. As Mr. Pirate, he wears formal attire with a black button-up shirt and red tie. He is never seen without his mask.



Mr. Pirate's background is unknown. He first appeared in the pro wrestling world under the name El Soulfight in 1981. Twenty years prior to the events of Flower, Sun, and Rain, he defeated Lumberjack Flowerstar by shattering his leg in a deathmatch on Lospass Island. After this he was embraced by the residents and replaced Lumberjack as the hero of the island. Soulfight later retired and began training El Crasher as his successor. He also began planning to publish a book of poetry. However he did not approve of Crasher's style in the ring and expelled him from his school. He took the name Mr. Pirate to act as Crasher's manager, and offered to help him redeem himself on Lospass Island.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Mr. Pirate first appears in Request 03: "From the New World" Symphony No.9 in E minor,Op.95, staying in Room 302 of the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is approached by Sumio Mondo to try and find a way to stop Crasher from blocking the stairwell. Mondo tried to enter Room 302, but it was locked. He called Mr. Pirate from Crasher's room, and was invited by him to the roof. On the roof, Mr. Pirate told Mondo about the philosophy of wrestling and Crasher's situation. He asked Mondo to find a trigger for Crasher to refuel his fighting spirit. After Crasher was helped, he and Mr. Pirate began sparring on the roof. He said that the magnetic field of Lospass Island turns people into their "natural state". The match ended with Mr. Pirate punching as the plane exploded overhead.

Mr. Pirate appeared again at the end of Request 04: 'S Wonderful, entering Room 407 to give Mondo a new speech before attempting to fix Maria Nicharesuk's computer. After the computer was destroyed, Mr. Pirate had already left. In Request 07: Children's corner, Mondo spoke to him to try and find Shoutaro Kai. He told him that Shoutaro had asked him for an autograph, and then left to follow Yayoi Hanayama to her room.

Official profiles[edit]

Staying in Room 302.
Has staked his entire life on fighting in the ring.
Occupation: Former Professional Wrestler


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