Mulholland lady

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Mulholland Lady
Nationality Japanese
Family Husband
Occupation Smoke Shop Owner
Status Alive
First appearance report*3:TSUKI

The Mulholland lady is a character in The Silver Case. She runs the smoke shop Mulholland, and plays a small role in the Placebo storyline.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The Mulholland lady is a normal old woman. She misses her husband, and is sad that her memories of him are fading. She is very considerate of Tokio Morishima, and allowed him to skip paying when he was in a delusional state.



The Mulholland lady ran the Mulholland Smoke Shop alongside her husband. At some point her husband died, and her memories of him started to fade. She became acquainted with Tokio Morishima, who was a regular at her shop.

The Silver Case[edit]

On July 8th, 1999, Tokio visited the shop. She remarked that the "Placebo" brand cigarettes he buys are the same ones her late husband used to smoke, and that he's probably smoking in heaven now. He visited again on July 26th, and the two discussed her poor eyesight. She said she turned up the volume to help her see the TV, which gave Tokio a clue to the identity of Hanao Hiseki. On September 4th, Tokio visited again, and told her he envied her for seeming to not have a care in the world. She told him to stop wasting time and get back to work. On December 24th, Akira received a message from Takeshi Kinjo to visit the Mulholland Smoke Shop and to give his regards to the "old lady". When Akira arrived, she was not present, and he discovered a secret passage leading to the Shelter Plaza. On December 28th, Tokio visited for a final time. She said he had been gone for a while, and wondered if he had given up smoking. In Tokio's confused state, he forgets whether he had paid. She lets him have the cigarettes for free, and regrets not taking the money.


  • She seems to have some connection to Takeshi Kinjo, who tells Akira about her.
  • Marionette Mother is listed as the "Mulholland President" in the game's manual. It is unknown what connection this has with the Mulholland Smoke Shop.
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