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Main character(s) Tokio Morishima
Erika Yukawa
S. Inohana
Side character(s) The Master
(to-do, what a shame)
Chapters In The Silver Case:
In The 25th Ward:
*00 UTSUTSU (Remake)
*06 YUKI (Remake)
Duration The Silver Case:
April 7th, 1999, Wednesday
December 31st, 1999, Friday
The 25th Ward:
October 2nd, 2005
December 18th, 2017
Writer(s) Masahi Ooka (TSC, 25W)

Placebo is the second story told alongside Transmitter in The Silver Case, and the third story told alongside Correctness and Matchmaker in The 25th Ward.

In essence, both Placebo branches follow the life of Tokio Morishima, a former police reporter turned freelancer; in The Silver Case, Morishima's story revolves itself around a job given to him by a man known only as S. Inohana - an incredible sum of money would be given to him as long as he kept sending reports and information related to the serial killer, Kamui Uehara. As his investigation goes on, Morishima becomes more and more invested into conspiracy theories related to the 24th Ward. In The 25th Ward, Morishima has lost his memories and works his way towards finding out what happened in the last several years, along with occasional investigations in which he is accompanied by his old acquaintance, Slash.

The Silver Case[edit]

Tokio Morishima is a very tired freelance man who gets a big job where he has to sit in front of his PC every chapter and check his mail for Daily WORDs. He eventually discovers some conspiracy theories, carves a turtle and a knife, gives his old coworker his awesome, living pet turtle, and nearly dies. Whoops

The 25th Ward[edit]

Tokio Morishima is a very tired freelance man, but now he also doesn't remember anything, and must spend five chapters pondering about life, himself, some virtual girl, and a shoddy bar he used to visit. Also everything blows up in the end. Whoops2

The Silver Case
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The 25th Ward
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Matchmaker "01 underground theater · "02 quiet cradle · "03 about nighthawk · "04 the lunar orbit · "05 moon over 25
Placebo *00 UTSUTSU · *01 NAGARE · *02 TIGIRI · *03 YOGORE · *04 SIZUKU · *05 MISOGI · *06 YUKI
Extra material Red, Blue, and Green (red out, blue out, green out)