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placebo prequel (placebo 前日譚) is a short scenario released on Twitter for the 2016 release of The Silver Case. Written by Masahi Ooka, it is a brief prelude to the Placebo story and leads directly into report*1:YUME. It can thus be seen as a "report*0", though it is also an equivalent to Pre-Lunatics by virtue of being released as a bonus for the game's 2016 release. It can be read here. It has been translated by ocky here.

The story is posted by an in-character Twitter account for Tokio Morishima, "@morishimatokio0". Other than this scenario, his only other tweets are interactions with an in-character account for the Bartender, "@bartender_sil". These are transcripts of one of their conversations in report*4:AI, in particular one that has often been cited by fans as being very prescient of Twitter and websites like it. This interaction was posted in both Japanese and English, though the translation for the English version is slightly different than the one used in the final game.

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